**********One Wish**********

Having one wish and only one wish to use takes a lot of thought. What would you do with the one wish?

The children in primary 5 had to consider this question. The catch is they can’t decide to wish for more wishes. That would be cheating – Wouldn’t it?

Here are some of the wishes that the children settled on.

I would use my one wish
*to have super strength
*to make everything in the world cost 10p
*to make everyone in the world children
*to make school a thing of the past!!
*to be able to speak and understand any language
*to go on holiday
*to talk to animals
*to be able to fly
*to bring back Dad
*to cure disease

It would be such a big responsibility to be given one wish and to have the power to use that wish in any way you wanted. I am not sure that I would like that responsibility. What do you think? Would you like to have one wish and what would you use it for?

Miss Docherty

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