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Maths Through Stories – Dinosaur Deals

Story Summary

Dinosaur Deals by Stuart J Murphy

Mike and his little brother, Andy, are headed for the Dinosaur Card Trading Fair.  They’re ready to wheel and deal.  It’s, 4 Stegosaurus for 1 Triceratops, and 2 Triceratops for 1 Allosaurus.  But can they get what they really want: the tremendous, gigantic, ferocious, Tyrannosaurus Rex?  The maths concept of equivalency — understanding when values are equal — is introduced in this fast-paced story as two brothers try to beat the clock and make the ultimate trade.

Dinosaur Deals lesson plan

Dinosaur Deals Activity 2

First Level Recovery Programme

Please find video highlighting ‘First Level Recovery Programme’s’ rationale and content.  This  programme can be used for the teaching of pupils in  P2/3 and as a small group intervention for P3/4.

The carefully structured programme aims to raise the attainment of pupils– allowing them to  develop conceptual understanding in numeracy, develop  confidence and develop their numeracy learning skills.

There are five  Teaching Topics which  focus on four different aspects of Numeracy, drawing on research into the mathematics that causes the most difficulties for pupils namely:

  • The Number System
  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division

First Level Recovery Programme will be coming soon!