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Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award iDEA – mini course3rd Feb, 4pm shared from DigiLearnScot

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is helping people of all ages develop digital and enterprise skills, discover new talents and gain digital confidence, for free.

There are over 80 bite-sized modules available to try on iDEA which have been created with industry experts and innovative employers. iDEA enables learners to showcase their skills as they earn digital badges, certificates and Awards which can be added to LinkedIn profiles, CVs and applications to help them stand out from the crowd.

This is your opportunity to find out more about how iDEA works straight from the iDEA team and Mr Pyott, Principal Teacher of Computing Science at Grove Academy, Dundee.

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RIC Writing Programme – Persuasive

Tuesday 8th of February
4pm – 5pm

This session is the third in a series looking in depth at the learning and teaching of writing. In this particular session we will cover the text type: Persuasive. What are the features of a persuasive piece, the structure of this text type and how can we introduce this text type to maximise understanding and encourage our learners to write for enjoyment?

Sign up via CPD Manager course ID: 77642

Contact Chiara Sportelli – Literacy Workstream

Embedding a Play Pedagogy and Learner-Led Approach in Primary 2 and Beyond

Tuesday 1st of February
4pm – 5pm

We continue our sharing practice in Play Pedagogy sessions with another opportunity to hear from practitioners who have embraced play and will share practical tips and suggestions for wherever you are on your play journey.

This session will provide a glimpse into Allan’s Primary School (Stirling) and how they are re-inventing the school experience for their Primary 2 learners. With a focus on Outdoor Learning, regarding their Environment as the third educator and valuing Curiosity Time (learner led experiences), they are harnessing the excellent, play-based practice identified at Early Level and exploring how this may look at the next stage of the school experience.

Sign up via CPD Manager, course ID:77641

For further information Contact Chiara Sportelli – Literacy Workstream

Q: So many online resources so where do I start for Early First or Second Level? A: With this SWAY

We have created an easy-to-use SWAY which collates some useful online resources to support learning at Early Level, First Level and Second Level. There are also resources for learners with complex additional support needs.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with any feedback or if there are other resources you would like support with.

Go to this Sway

A Model For Play Pedagogy

Webinar, 23rd of November at 4pm

This session will share Wallacestone Primary’s journey to build on their existing elements of play in Primary 1 as they have worked over the last three years to make gradual, progressive changes to their approaches to play pedagogy.

They will cover how they have made use of Falkirk Council’s Model for Play Pedagogy to consider child initiated, adult initiated and adult directed learning in Primary 1 and how this has been taken forward into Primary 2. They will look at:
– Their play pedagogy journey in Primary 1 and 2, considering how they support development of Literacy and
– The professional learning that has underpinned this approach.
– Their next steps working with colleagues in their cluster and neighbourhood group.

Sign up via CPD Manager, course ID: 76995

Targeted School Support – Writing

We are currently developing a programme of whole-school targeted writing support with structured input and the opportunity to engage in professional dialogue / moderation with another school who are also participating in the programme.
Please see our suggested schedule below which can be tailored to suit the needs of your school.

If you would like to discuss this for your school pleaseContact Chiara Sportelli – Literacy Workstream

Collaborative Literacy: Literacy Through Play

25th May at 4pm

Our second session sharing good practice in developing Literacy skills through play pedagogy.

This session will cover the classroom environment, structure of the day and comparison of structured play as opposed to free flow play which enables literacy discoveries. We will also hear about developing writing though IDL and Play Pedagogy – looking at different genres though this approach, setting up the environment to engage learners and encourage the writing process.

Sign up either via CPD Manager or by emailing RIC Literacy PT Chiara Sportelli: sportellic14s@glow.sch.uk

Collaborative Literacy: Literacy Through Play

11th May at 4pm

Join us for our first ‘Literacy Through Play’ event for Primary practitioners which will kick off a series of Literacy focussed sessions providing the opportunity for FVWL colleagues to share good practice and build a collaborative network.

This session will cover the progression of teaching Literacy through a play-based pedagogy in Primary 1 and Primary 2. We will discuss what a typical week would look like within Literacy, covering both the formal teaching aspect as well as developing Literacy more informally through free play. We will also share a variety of documentation and assessment strategies that we have found to be effective within Literacy.

Sign up either via CPD Manager or by emailing RIC Literacy PT Chiara Sportelli: sportellic14s@glow.sch.uk

Primary Practitioners Literacy Facebook Group

A new Facebook group has been set up for FVWL RIC primary practitioners who have a responsibility for or a particular interest in all aspects of Literacy. As well as being able to share all FVWL RIC Literacy related news on the site it is intended to be a forum for sharing ideas, resources and supporting the learning and teaching of Literacy.
To join search for ‘FVWL RIC Literacy Primary Practitioners’ and please remember to answer the questions when you request to join!
For further information please contact Chiara Sportelli at sportellic14s@glow.sch.uk