iheart and FV&WL RIC collaboration – pilot results

Please find attached details about our Resilience and Webinar series in collaboration with the iheart charity.


  • 60 participants started the course, 54 completed.
  • 4 week staff resilience and well-being programme consisting of staff taking part in 2 x 1.5hr hour sessions per week for 4 weeks.
  • CLPL lead officer along with a data coach from Falkirk ensured rigorous analysis of the data produced during the course.
  • Based on pre questionnaire, course was designed to support staff in a number of areas: stress, worry, anxiety, work life balance and return to work post Covid.
  • During the course, short surveys were completed at the end of each week and used to develop the following sessions so that participant demands could be appropriately addressed – in line with improvement methodology principles.
  • Particularly statistical significance with: ability to manage stress (+56%); ability to manage worry (+51%); ability to manage anxiety (+43%); ability to manage a return to workplace post CV-19 (+44%); and ability to manage work/life balance (+55%).
  • Entirely webinar based approach.

iheart Educators Storyboard FV&WL Pilot May-June 2020

iheart Feedback and Testimonials FV&WL RIC Pilot May-June 2020


‘A Fair Bear Share’ by Stuart J Murphy – Maths Through Stories

Please  find a short video explaining the background and rational of using Maths Through Stories, as a powerful way and engaging way to  teach Mathematical concepts.

Mama Bear wants to make her special Blue Ribbon Blueberry Pie, but it’s up to her four cubs to gather enough nuts, berries and seeds. Three of the cubs go at it with gusto, adding up their treasures by arranging them in groups of tens and ones. But they don’t have enough! Will their little sister – the one who spent the afternoon skipping, running and turning cartwheels – come through and save the day? Learning how to regroup numbers is essential for solving more advanced addition problems

Please find lesson plans to accompany ‘A Fair Bear Share’ to share with your learners

A Fair Bear Share



Cuisenaire – Equivalence, Patterns and Relationships

Please find a set of lesson plans to accompany the Cuisenaire video tutorial.  We attach also guidance on  how to deliver the lessons digitally to your learners.

Cuisenaire guidance re digital lessons

Cuisenaire – trains pattern 2 lesson

Cuisenaire equivalence – orange rod equivalence

Cuisenaire – trains complete pattern lesson

Cuisenaire – staircase lesson

Cuisenaire – build what I have