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FVWL RIC Easter School – recorded lessons

Recorded lessons now available:

We are delighted to be offering a range of recorded lessons on our FVWL RIC YouTube Channel which can be fully and freely accessed over Easter and beyond … This range of resources is continually evolving and will be added to as the session progresses.

For our Easter school we will have lessons for Senior Phase pupils designed to support them to succeed in National 5 and Higher SQA assessments.  So far these include: Maths, English, Geography, History, Modern Studies, Classical Studies, Computing Science, Design Manufacture, Biology, Health and Food Technology.

We are also offering a range of Literacy and Numeracy lessons for BGE pupils.  There will be over 50 lessons available initially and these will be added to as the session progresses.

Audrey Farley

Curriculum & Virtual Learning Lead

FV&WL RIC Workstream Plans 2019-2020

We have set out our vision and priorities. In this document workstreams provide a detailed overview of their aims, priorities and plans set out in short, medium and long term timescales for implementation.


FV&WL RIC Workstream plans 2019-2020


The underpinning workstreams are Improving Performance, and Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL), which support the work of the core priority work streams: Numeracy, Literacy and Early Learning and Child Care (ELC). New workstreams have also been introduced this session: Health and Wellbeing (HWB), and Curriculum including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

We work in close partnership with colleagues in Community Learning and Development (whose plan is included in this document) and the RIC Educational Psychology team who are supporting the CLPL plan. The
RIC Education Scotland team have worked collaboratively with the RIC Strategic Board and the Connect workstream leads to develop an offer of support that ties with local authority and national plans.