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Collaborative Literacy: Early Years

16th March 2021 at 3pm

We look forward to welcoming you to our first ‘Early Years Exchange’ event for Early Years practitioners which will kick off a series of Literacy focussed sessions providing the opportunity for FVWL colleagues to share good practice and build a collaborative network.
In this session we will hear from two colleagues on how they have helped develop Literacy outdoors and build a culture promoting reading for enjoyment.
Literacy Outdoors: Reading areas are not all about cosy cushions, ivy and fairy lights. Sometimes they are repurposed tyres, swaying grass and a big dose of fresh air!
Building a Reading Culture: Developing children’s early literacy skills through play-based learning, combining practitioners’ knowledge and understanding with fun-filled family engagement.

Join us either via CPD Manager or by emailing RIC Literacy PT Chiara Sportelli:

Networks: Primary NQTs (Literacy) & English NQTs

We’re establishing two new networks. The first meetings will be on March 3rd from 4.00-5.00 for Primary NQTs (Literacy) and on March 4th from 4.00-5.00 for English NQTs.

Primary NQTs (Literacy): please email Chiara Sportelli to be added to the Team.

English NQTs: please email Janet Adam to be added to the Team.

The main aim of these networks is to create opportunities for collaboration, support and development of Literacy and English teaching. A whole range of activities will be on offer, some of which are suggested below:

  • engaging with Literacy and English colleagues from across FV & WL as well as our university and national partners;
  • participating in professional dialogue;
  • sharing good practice (with co-hosting opportunities);
  • gaining insight into RIC Literacy and English programmes.

However, there is scope for many more activities and this will very much depend on the needs and interests of network members. Don’t miss out!

Reciprocal Reading Webinar: 1/2/21

Following a request from one of the local authority education support officers, a “taster” session about Reciprocal Reading was held on 1/2/21. This session was attended by practitioners from our four local authorities.

Please contact Janet Adam for further details:

Welcome to our Literacy PT

Chiara Sportelli is seconded to RIC Literacy from her position as Principal Teacher at Bannockburn Primary School, Stirling. She has promoted Literacy in the primary school through creative practices such as video conferencing, green screen and digital technologies and has recently undertaken learning an additional language and critically analysing 1+2 pedagogy through the Open University TELT programme which aims to increase and improve language provision in primary schools.  In her role with the RIC she will initially be focussing on paired reading, developing Literacy through play and creating a primary practitioners Literacy network via the Facebook group ‘FVWL RIC Literacy Primary Practitioners.’

Primary Practitioners Literacy Facebook Group

A new Facebook group has been set up for FVWL RIC primary practitioners who have a responsibility for or a particular interest in all aspects of Literacy. As well as being able to share all FVWL RIC Literacy related news on the site it is intended to be a forum for sharing ideas, resources and supporting the learning and teaching of Literacy.
To join search for ‘FVWL RIC Literacy Primary Practitioners’ and please remember to answer the questions when you request to join!
For further information please contact Chiara Sportelli at

Paired Reading

CLPL webinar on 15th February at 2pm
This session which is aimed at support staff will equip you with skills designed to engage reluctant readers and improve confidence. A structured approach to paired reading will be provided from choosing reading material through to discussing the text after reading.

Sign up via CPD Manager or contact Chiara Sportelli at for further details.

Grammar in Context Session 2

Grammar webinar 2 (of 3) from Dr Kylie Bradfield (University of Stirling): Sentence Level Grammar.  Many thanks to Dr Bradfield for also sharing these accompanying resources.

Knowing About English Language: a Wrinkle in Time:

Using Sophisticated Picture Books & Process Drama to Engage
Early Years Students with the Critical Strand:

Window on a Changing World – “a groundbreaking work which points to one possible direction for books in the future…”:

“Belonging” by Jeannie Baker:

“Good Boy Fergus!” by David Shannon: