Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award iDEA – mini course3rd Feb, 4pm shared from DigiLearnScot

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is helping people of all ages develop digital and enterprise skills, discover new talents and gain digital confidence, for free.

There are over 80 bite-sized modules available to try on iDEA which have been created with industry experts and innovative employers. iDEA enables learners to showcase their skills as they earn digital badges, certificates and Awards which can be added to LinkedIn profiles, CVs and applications to help them stand out from the crowd.

This is your opportunity to find out more about how iDEA works straight from the iDEA team and Mr Pyott, Principal Teacher of Computing Science at Grove Academy, Dundee.

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CLPL Digital Futures: using our digital past to shape the digital future.

Forth Valley and West Lothian RIC are offering a programme of webinars, exploring the digital experiences of teachers in the past two years and how these can inform future classroom practice. Please sign up using CPD Manager and the course IDs below. These webinars are being hosted on our FVWL RIC CLPL Sessions Microsoft Teams. The join code for this team is: z8jtl30

The programme is being supported by the Education Scotland regional improvement team. A short-life professional learning community will provide the opportunity for information sharing and collaboration.


January 25th, 4-5 pm. Our Digital Experience 2020/21. CPD Manager course ID: 77631. Course Ref: RICVL01

By the end of the session practitioners will be able to: describe how digital approaches were employed in different contexts; understand what the evidence tells us about the impact of such approaches; identify which approaches could be retained and built upon to further enhance teaching and learning. There will be a panel of practitioners to share their experience and participate in professional dialogue.


February 22nd, 4-5 pm. The National eLearning Offer. CPD Manager course ID: 77632. Course Ref: RICVL02

By the end of the session practitioners will be able to: describe the components of the offer and how they can access its different elements to support teaching and learning; understand how they might provide content for the offer; suggest how they would like to see the offer develop. There will be representatives from Education Scotland, e-Sgoil and West OS participating in this webinar.


March 29th, 4-5 pm. Embedding Digital Change. CPD Manager course ID: 776313 Course Ref: RICVL03

By the end of the session practitioners will be able to: describe a range of frameworks that are commonly used to implement and evaluate digital practices; understand the barriers and enablers to successful digital implementation; identify digital approaches that may want to develop in their own school context and where to seek support for this.


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Professional Learning Video resources at your fingertips


The Education Scotland Professional Learning and Leadership Team recognise that educators, particularly now, are extremely busy and are likely to be engaging with professional learning in a different way.

They wanted to provide a library of previously recorded seminars and sessions, categorised by theme, to allow you to access professional learning at a time that best suits you.

Some of the themes discussed in these recordings will be expanded upon in their online professional learning activities that you may wish to explore. The themes are:

This library will continue to be updated and added to throughout 2022.

Click here to access the collection of recorded webinars and professional learning sessions led or supported by the Education Scotland Professional Learning and Leadership Team or on the clickable themes above.

Q: I’m a secondary teacher – which online resources are there for Senior Phase learners to use to support their independent learning? A: You could share this SWAY with them.

We have created an easy to use SWAY which collates some useful online resources to support learning in the S4-6 Senior Phase. It is designed for learners to be able to use the interactive SWAY independently. There are also resources for learners with complex additional support needs. Please get in touch, using the contact form,  with any feedback or if there are other resources you would like support with.

Go to this Sway

Collaborative Literacy: Early Years

16th March 2021 at 3pm

We look forward to welcoming you to our first ‘Early Years Exchange’ event for Early Years practitioners which will kick off a series of Literacy focussed sessions providing the opportunity for FVWL colleagues to share good practice and build a collaborative network.
In this session we will hear from two colleagues on how they have helped develop Literacy outdoors and build a culture promoting reading for enjoyment.
Literacy Outdoors: Reading areas are not all about cosy cushions, ivy and fairy lights. Sometimes they are repurposed tyres, swaying grass and a big dose of fresh air!
Building a Reading Culture: Developing children’s early literacy skills through play-based learning, combining practitioners’ knowledge and understanding with fun-filled family engagement.

Join us either via CPD Manager or by emailing RIC Literacy PT Chiara Sportelli: sportellic14s@glow.sch.uk

Reciprocal Reading CLPL – Literacy Academy Online

Reciprocal reading is a structured approach to teaching strategies (questioning, clarifying, summarising and predicting) that students can use to improve their reading comprehension. The strategy is based on robust research examining what effective teaching and learning in literacy looks like and practitioners will develop a deeper understanding of pedagogical approaches that engage learners and lead to improved outcomes.

Disciplinary Literacy

Dr Jessie Ricketts spoke to TES as part of their ‘Podagogy’ series on literacy. She explores early literacy, but also the shift in focus for literacy in secondary school, including the role of vocabulary – find the podcast HERE

Science teacher, Amanda Fleck, part of the ‘Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools’ EEF panel, has written a blog post on ‘Why Words Matter in Science’ – see HERE.

Hayley Mallinson, geography teacher at Blackpool Research School, has written a blog on the importance of vocabulary in Geography, entitled ‘Poles Apart’ – see HERE.

CLPL opportunity – Driving forward and embedding whole school digital solutions for Primary and Secondary practitioners who lead/support the digital journey across their school.

This course would be suitable for Primary and Secondary practitioners who lead/support the digital journey across their school.

This progression of 4 sessions will build practitioner digital skills by:

improving own digital skills using online collaborative platforms as Professional Learning Communities

improving colleagues’ Digital Skills by looking at ways to involve staff in an online PLC, for a real life practical application

exploring how we can use the collaboration skills we’ve learned to enhance and support Learning and Teaching. What’s the potential impact for our learners?

exploring how Digital Solutions, including Glow, can help us engage and collaborate with parents/carers or the wider global community

It was the great automotive engineer Caractacus Potts who said, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” but in the 21st Century, what does teamwork even look like? How can we embed collaboration across the curriculum to support and enhance Learning and Teaching in our schools? Indeed, how do we prepare our learners for life, learning and work in an increasingly digital global community?

There is an expectation that participants will set goals for their own school and work towards them between sessions. Participants will also collaborate and support each other in meeting their goals.

Camelon Education Centre, 2-4pm, 10/10/19, 12/12/19, 30/01/20 and 19/03/20 – participants are expected to attend all 4 sessions.

Sign up details will follow in September.