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Bootcamp Week 5

We now have 50 blogs involved in the bootcamp. Together there has been over 320 posts made.

Technical Themes & Profiles

We will look at changing theme. You may not actually want to change themes on your blog, it can have major effects but the Glow meet and Video here will show you how.

Themes wp4 | Glow Blog Help
Themes PDF
Themes MS docx

We will look at changing the information on our profile. We can do a couple of useful things, change the name that or posts are attributed to and make our name a link to our own sites when posting comments.

User Profiles | Glow Blog Help
Glow Blogs Profile MS docx
Glow Blogs Profile PDF


Commenting, how does that differ from posting to your own blog?
You cannot edit your own comments.

Blogging Challenge

Make 3 posts, comment on 3 other post

  1. Share a photograph of your classroom. Explain about the different parts of it and how it is being used
  2. Publish some written work
  3. Publish some share writing
  4. Share your classroom rules or agreement if you have one
  5. Take a photo of a class display
  6. Make a gallery of some art work
  7. What’s your favorite sport and why?
  8. Write about the design of your favorite game
  9. Make a list: Reasons I did not do my homework, 10 bests things about my school, what makes a good computer game
  10. Write a book review
  11. Create a tutorial on how to do something
  12. Something else