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Bootcamp Week 3



Widgets are used to add features and functionality to the sidebar (usually) of your blog. Widget placement is dependent on themes.

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Adding an image wp4 | Glow Blog Help
Adding an image to a post MS docx
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You might want to find out about Galleries too: Adding an image gallery on the Glow Blog Help


Talk about why you should or could use images. How do they help communicate? What advantages to they bring? Discuss using images safely & legally, see the Finding Images post here for more information and some sources of images.

Blogging Challenge

A picture of learning This weeks Blogging Challenge

As part of #DigiLeanScot Week:

Blog photos of ‘a picture of learning’

What Does Learning look like in your class?

Remember to categorize your posts bootcamp!

Finding Images

Lost Boots by Phil.Renaud Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

This came up during the week 2 GlowMeet.
Looking for images for your blog leads you into a potential minefield of copyright.
There are many images on the internet that you can use but that come with certain conditions. These conditions may include things like you can use but not edit, or that you must attribute.

Attribution is quite tricky, it means that you must give credit to the photographer and also respect the rest of their conditions. In the example about, I’ve not edited the picture (NoDerivs), I am not making money on this blog(NonCommercial) and I am attributing and linking back to the owner.

This is pretty difficult for adults and more so for younger pupils.

You have three choices:
Use only your own images. This gives lots of opportunities for creative photography.
Use images that do not need attribution, public domain ones.
Use creative commons and similarly licensed phptoas and learn to attribut.

Here are a few of the many sites that will help you find images you can use.

Morguefile.com free stock photos No attribution needed.
Pics4Learning | Free photos for education Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting. Instructions given on each image page on how to attribute.
Flickr: The Commons and just using the flickr search tools and filtering for creative commons images. There are lots of tools that help you search flickr: my own is A flickr CC search toy
which allows you to download an image ‘stamped’ with attribution (see the example below). This avoids the need to manually attribute but in no use for headers where you crop the image.
Free Images: Where To Find Royalty Free Stock Photos For Your Blog – Mini-Guide, Part 1 A lot of different sources listed together.
Pexels · Free high quality stock photos Many dfo not need attribution CC0
Open Collections | OpenGLAM All collections provide digital scans or photos that can be freely used without any restrictions. We first list the datasets that are completely in the Public Domain: below that we list the sets that are licensed under an open Creative Commons license (CC-BY/CC-BY-SA). The sets within each list have been ordered alphabetically.