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Collection of the past – Archaeology – Colours of Buildings

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Colours of Buildings Listen to what the Collection of the Past – Archeology- Colours of Buildings is all about

Colour has so many uses.  Did you know that you can tell the age of a building by its colour? Or that colours can tell us how old something is?

We’ll be looking at how we can tell the age of pottery we find in the ground just by its colour, how the size and shades of different buildings tell us more about them, and how you can become an archaeological detective by looking out for colours in your local landscape.

Social Studies

  • gather and understand historical evidence
  • share your evidence to create a collection of colourful historical information about our villages, towns and cities across Scotland

  • learners across Scotland
  • a team of archaeologists from the John Gray Centre in East Lothian
  • Archaeology Scotland

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