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Educators learn more about …….. Animation – The Big 5!!

Educators learn more about

Animation – The Big 5!! is an interdisciplinary learning experience developed for first, second and third level learners. Scotland’s Big 5 campaign aims to get everyone talking about Scotland’s nature by discovering five iconic species and the places where they can be seen. Scottish Natural Heritage and VisitScotland are promoting the Big 5 campaign in support of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.  Education Scotland in partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts and industry expert animator Bruce Husband have designed a series of filmed animation workshops to support learners to use stop motion animation to create an adventure text about these incredible creatures.

The Big 5!! project outline provides practitioners with an outline of the learning experiences using the NAR flow chart process and the publication ‘Taking a closer look at NAR.

The Big 5! creates a context in which learners can be supported to

  • Create texts using animation
  • Be creative
  • Work towards safe guarding Scottish biodiversity
  • Share and learn with peers through Glow
  • Profile and recognise achievement

These challenges will be live in September 2013. Afterwards they will be made available as packs of learning, teaching and assessment resources in the Digital Story Telling Learning Channel on Glow.

This learning experience has been developed to work towards supporting the delivery of:

The Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan 2012-13

ICT in Education Objectives

Creativity across learning briefing paper

The Year of Natural Scotland

Digital Storytelling – The Big 5!

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The Big 5 Listen to what the The Big 5 is all about

This is the Year of Natural Scotland! The Big 5 are out there! The Whiskered Diver! The Roaring Monarch! The High Flyer! The Curious Seadog and The Tufted Acrobat! Celebrate the beauty and diversity of Scotland by creating an animated adventure starring these Nature Superheroes!  Get outdoors, look at photographs, ask experts and watch video clips and wildlife webcams to research the Big 5. Storyboard an adventure tale. Create models and sets. Collect and make natural superhero sound effects. Share ideas, resources and help each other solve problems. Use stop motion animation and editing software to bring the Big 5 to life and then have your Big 5 animation adventure shared with Scotland!

Learn to....languagestechnologies

  • Select and organise ideas and information logically
  • Write an adventure story with great characters and settings
  • Use visual information to make models and sets
  • Explore and use animation software
  • Record and make sound effects
  • Edit, publish and promote your adventure tale
  • Appreciate Scottish biodiversity

learn with...languageslearn with...technologieslearn with...sciences

  • Learners across Scotland
  • Industry expert animator Bruce Husband
  • Dundee Contemporary Arts
  • Scottish Natural Heritage

Educators learn more about this learning experience here

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