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‘Tell a Story’

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Tell a Story Listen to what the Tell a Story Learning Opportunity is all about

‘Tell a Story Day’ is celebrated across Scotland in October. In the 3 weeks leading up to this national event join Storytellers in the ‘bothy’ at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh via Glow TV. Enjoy listening to the storytellers share tales about nations and territories within the Commonwealth, about personal challenge and achievement and memorable, adventurous and incredible journeys.  ‘Journeys’ is the theme for this year’s event. While listening, learn how to tell and perform oral stories. Then take the opportunity to ask the storytellers questions about their ideas and techniques to help you plan and hold your own ‘Tell a Story Day’ event.  On ‘Tell a Story’ day we plan to broadcast your stories across Scotland via Glow TV. How do you get selected? Send  a video clip of you performing your story and we will get back to you. We can’t wait!

Learn to....languagesSocial Studies

  • Explore and play with the patterns and sounds of language
  • Communicate in a clear and expressive way
  • Select and organise ideas
  • Share real and imaginative stories using the spoken word
  • Create and perform a collaborative story
  • Plan a ‘Tell a Story Day’ event

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  • Scottish Storytelling Centre
  • Storytellers
  • Young people and educators across Scotland.

Educators can learn more about Tell a Story day here

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  • If you are a learner, you can sign up for yourself. Please include your Glow username
  • If you are a teacher or other educator, you can sign up on behalf of a group of learners. Please include a list of Glow usernames
  • Email for any enquiries.
  • A Glow Login is required for your submissions.  If you have forgotten it or don’t have one click here.