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Collaborative collection – Colour of the day!

Listen to LearnCAT

Colour of the Day Listen to what the Collaborative Collection – Colour of the Day is all about

Colour is everywhere! Join others to collect colours when exploring indoors and out.

Undertake a daily colour collection mission in September.

  • Photograph what you find
  • Discuss and name the colour
  • Upload your photograph to the colour collection on Glow.

How many different shades and tones of a colour can we collect? What name might you give the colour? How does the colour make you feel?

This colourful online collection will create a beautiful and varied bank of images that can be enjoyed and used by others in their learning.

learn to ...expressive artsLearn to....languages

  • Collect information
  • Organise and classify information
  • Interpret information
  • Use a digital camera

Learn with....Expressive artslearn with...languages

  • Each other
  • Learners across Scotland
  • Education Scotland Learning Team

LearnCAT Email the LearnCat to sign up for Collaborative collection – Colour of the day!


  • If you are a learner, you can sign up for yourself. Please include your Glow username
  • If you are a teacher or other educator, you can sign up on behalf of a group of learners. Please include a list of Glow usernames
  • Email learncat@educationscotland.gov.uk for any enquiries.
  • A Glow Login is required for your submissions.  If you have forgotten it or don’t have one click here.