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‘Found Colour’ is an interdisciplinary learning experience developed for third level learners and is part of a progression of creativity challenges designed around the context of colour created in partnership with the The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh using the context  of Dundee born artist, David Batchelor’s exhibition ‘Flatlands’ and his online portfolio.

The Found Colour Learning Experience Overview provides practitioners with an overview of the learning experiences using the NAR flowchart process and the publication ‘Taking a closer look at NAR’.

The Fruitmarket Gallery is a member of Engage and they work to promote access to, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts.

Learning experiences focus on improving skill and understanding in responding to abstract art and undertaking design briefs collaboratively and creatively. This briefing paper ‘creativity across learning’ will support educators in thinking about creativity when planning for learning.

This partnership with The Fruitmarket Gallery also works towards improving confidence in educators to discuss and respond to contemporary, abstract art and overall by engaging with art in this way it is hoped that young people and their families will visit an art gallery in their locality.

 The colour creativity challenges will be live in September 2013.  Afterwards they will be made available as packs of learning, teaching and assessment resources in the Creativity Learning Channel in Glow.

This learning experience has been developed to work towards supporting the delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan 2012-13 and the ICT in Education Objectives. Learning will culminate in an online exhibition of young people’s creativity. Using Glow to facilitate this experience works towards changing behaviours as identified in these objectives.  The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy revealed that learners need to increase their skills and understanding in group discussion. This set of learning experiences also supports the development of these skills.