Fostering Tradition: Glasgow CREATE and Celtic Connections enrich young lives with Scottish Music

Glasgow CREATE and Celtic Connections Education Partnership

In a significant collaboration, Glasgow CREATE, an initiative by Glasgow Education Services, has partnered with Celtic Connections to offer a unique musical experience to all Primary 7 children in Glasgow. This project, supported by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative Formula Fund, aims to develop the musical skills of learners and foster an appreciation for Scottish traditional music, providing an inclusive experience for all.

Approximately 5897 children from Glasgow Primary and ASN Primary schools will participate in a series of six progressive workshops led by professional Celtic musicians, spanning the themes of traditional Scottish Stepdance, Scots song, Gaelic song, bodhrán, tin whistle, pipe band drumming, chanter, and fiddle. Aligned with Curriculum for Excellence and the Glasgow CREATE Framework for Expressive Arts, these workshops will be tailored to enhance the transition of learners to secondary education.

Led by experienced Celtic singers and musicians, and these workshops offer practical music skills and instil a sense of pride and connection to Scottish cultural traditions through access to engaging and high-quality music learning experiences. The initiative underscores Glasgow’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and providing valuable opportunities for its young people.

As part of the Celtic Connections festival in 2024, young people and teachers from schools across Scotland are invited to attend free concerts at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, featuring performances by professional Celtic, traditional, and world music artists. These concerts provide an enriching musical experience and serve as an introduction to live music for many children.

This collaboration expands the reach of the Celtic Connections festival’s Education Programme, providing more young individuals with the chance to engage in enjoyable and quality music-making experiences. Through this initiative, Glasgow CREATE and Celtic Connections are encouraging musical aspirations, fostering cultural pride, and building the foundation for a new generation of musicians.