Everyone Belongs / Tha a h-uile duine an seo

Join us for our 2024 citywide YMI project, “Everyone Belongs / Tha a h-uile duine an seo”. 

Glasgow is a diverse and global city. In Education Services, our partnership with our city’s children and young people, families and communities begins with our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 4 as our purpose: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

“Everyone Belongs” by Glyn Lehmann is a great song for celebrating equality and diversity!

We’d like to invite all Primary children in Glasgow to explore and celebrate the different cultures, languages and beliefs that make us who we are through learning and performing this song. 

Below you will find teaching videos, backing tracks and lyrics suitable for all stages, including sections in Makaton and Gaelic. We’ve made some suggestions below, but please choose the part(s) that would be most suitable for the children in your class, or learn the whole song!

  • Chorus – P1&2 classes

  • Chorus & Verse – P3&4 classes

  • Chorus, Verse & Rap – P5-7 classes

  • Chorus with Makaton – ASN classes

  • Gaelic Chorus – Gaelic learners (new to gaelic)

  • Gaelic Bridge – Gaelic speakers (fluent)

As well as learning their part, we’d like all children to join in at the interlude/instrumental section (at 2 mins, 33 secs) saying “Everyone Belongs” in different languages, chosen by them. This spoken section can be performed solo or as a group in as many different ways/settings as possible…get creative! 

Once the children have learned the song, please record your class performing alongside the backing track provided. We will collect all class video performances and make them part of our citywide digital extravaganza and showcase on the CREATE YouTube Channel.

Please send your video to Martin O’Neill (gw16oneillmartin@glowmail.org.uk) via OneDrive by Thursday 28th March 2024 to feature in the city’s digital performance of ‘Everyone Belongs’.

We would also like to encourage any live school performances of ‘Everyone Belongs’ at events you might have coming up in the summer term. Please speak to your YMI Tutor if you are planning a live performance as they may be able to offer some support. 

We’d love as many schools as possible to be part of this joyful celebration of diversity in Glasgow!

If you have any questions about the project, please speak to your YMI Tutor or contact Ailsa Ansell (gw16ramageailsa@glow.ea.glasgow.sch.uk).

Backing Tracks & Lyric Sheet

Backing track with Lyrics

Singalong video with Lyrics (includes vocals)

Downloadable Audio Tracks

Reference Track

Everyone Belongs (with Vocals)

Backing Track – No Vocals

Everyone Belongs (Instrumental)


Teaching Videos



Chorus with Makaton (ASN)

Chorus (Gàidhlig)

An Drochaid (Bridge) – Gàidhlig