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Weekly Website Whizzkid 28.5.14 Leanne EP6

On Monday we had sports day. On sports day I had a lot of fun. The races we did included the sack race, running race, egg and spoon race, the 200m race and the relay.


On Tuesday we had art and we were designing a Stornoway Tattoo board, although we haven’t started making the board yet. After lunch we had French and we were learning names of the shops in French, like the post office and the vet. After French we had our new topic which is the human body and we were doing our cover sheet and talking about the skeleton.


On Wednesday we had to go to the library to choose a new book to read then we had maths. At maths we were doing money and decimals. Decimals are easy and I really like them. After break we have been doing language where we are doing Nelson Skills. After lunch we will be doing some dictionary work with our teacher and the other P6s while the P7s go to French.