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Our visit to the Arnol Black House by Sandy Morrison and Hannah MacLeod.

Clas 6-7 aig an taigh dubh.
Clas 6-7 aig an taigh dubh.


Our class has been studying the Highland Clearances. We have been learning about their lifestyles and cultures. Mrs Mairi Morrison came to talk to us about the Arnol Blackhouse and we learnt lots! Therefore we went on a class trip to the Arnol Blackhouse.


Our class joined English primary one and two to visit Arnol. We split up and visited  the white house and black house. We learnt lots from Mrs Morrison and her colleague, Donald Morrison. There were many interesting sights to see in the blackhouse. We enjoyed it thoroughly!

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Na Seann Eipheitich

This term G4/5 studied the Ancient Egyptians and used this topic as a basis for literacy tasks.

We worked in groups and reported back to the class on the importance of the River Nile to them. We enjoyed  showing off our “Wow” adjectives in our poems about the Nile crocodile.

1 R. Nile art

 6 Shape

Our main focus was looking at the importance of evidence from the past.


2 corridor pic

We enjoyed writing our names in hieroglyphs on cartouches.       

We also invited Jack Duncan, student of archaeology, to talk to us about the work of an archaeologist,

He gave us a really interesting presentation and answered all our questions. 

3 Art 4 Jack Duncan

Mrs Duncan, who is Jack’s Mum, kindly helped us to write an Egyptian song, which we performed at the whole school assembly. 

5 Egyptian characters

Sheinn sinn cuideachd an oran ” Chaidh mi sios chun an amhainn an-de..” a dh’ ionnsaich sinn sa chlas Seinn. You can listen to the two songs by following the link.