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Vision Statement Consultation

One aspect of the School’s Improvement Plan this session was to develop a new school vision statement. In consultation with staff and pupils, we’ve drawn up a short list of possible statements. We would now like to consult with parents and establish from you which of the draft statements you’d prefer to use to convey the aspirational vision for the school in the years ahead.

The draft statements from pupils and staff:

On a journey to achievement – Air an t-slighe gu Soirbheas
Creating excellence through opportunity for all – A’ cruthachadh cothroman sonraichte le chèile
Motivated to learn
Our School, our learning, our future – Ar sgoil, ar ionnsachadh, ar teachdail
Bring out the best in Back
Be the best that you can be
Excellent learning: bright future
Be happy, be yourself, be the best

Please Note: Some suggestions above were submitting in Gaelic and English. The final choice will be published in both languages.

You can vote using the form on this letter: 096 Letter to Parents – 28.03.16