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EP6/7 News by Rhys MacRitchie

Every week EP6/7 are going to have a Weekly Website Whizzkid to explain what we have been up to in class for the week.  This week is my turn!


This week we were making lots of different things to go on display.  We made posters showing how to survive an earthquake and we did a news report on the tsunami that happened in 2011 in Japan. We were also talking about peace and conflict in the news.  We had to bring in a newspaper report that interested us to do with peace or conflict and write a summary of it as well as give our own opinion.


Some of the EP6/7 boys in our class went to the Soccer Seven football competition in Dundee with some of the GP6/7s.  We know some of their scores but haven’t found out their final placing yet.


Today the pupil council are doing a Sports Relief fun day.  They are doing an obstacle course for the P1/2/3 and they are also doing a tea afternoon.