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Weekly Website Whizzkid – Ceit Murray EP6

On Monday morning we had gym outside with Mr. Smith.  We played a game called Foxes, Chickens and Worms, it was really fun.  In maths this week I have been learning division facts and using EducationCity to help me. 


In language I did some work on comprehension using two different stories, one about King James and one about a tightrope walker.  I liked the story about the tightrope walker because there was a part where he had to rely on his friend for help and his friend was very scared!


This week the P7s were sitting PIEs and PIMs.  That stands for Progress in English and Progress in Maths.  We will be doing them next year too.


In art on Tuesday we were learning how to draw the human eye.  This will help us when we start our Human Body topic in class.


Sports day is coming soon and some of us have already started practising in the playground!

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Angus Chalmers

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths. When you want to find a fraction of an amount, the rule is to divide the whole number by the bottom number of the fraction and multiply your answer by the top number of the fraction.


In art we heard a very interesting story about a girl from Afghanistan who has beautiful eyes and is in a world famous picture.  However, while the girl didn’t get money from the picture the photographer did.  So, twenty years after the photo was taken, he looked for her.  It took him two years to find her but eventually he found her and gave her money.