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Weekly Website Whizzkid 21.5.14 Ailyn EP6

On Monday when we came in we had P.E. We played some games and then went back to class. After P.E we did reading activities where I did a story map. I did my story map on Shrinking Violet. After lunch we went to watch the P7s do their Young Leaders test so we will know what to expect next year.


On Tuesday morning we did an imaginative story. My story was called Shrinking Ailyn. It was a funny story. After break we had Art with Mr Smith. In art we were painting. After art we had language and we were doing Grammar. Finally we had Gaelic with Mrs MacLennan where we were working on our Gaelic vocabulary.


On Wednesday morning we went to the library to choose and swap our books. At maths time we went to the computer room to do Alta maths. It was okay and I am starting to get better at some of the tricky bits. We also did hand writing and Nelson Skills. After lunch Mrs Murray read us the story of Rosa Parks. It was an interesting story and Rosa Parks did an amazing thing in protesting for equal rights in America.

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Lee MacLean EP7

On Monday the 14th we all came back from the Easter holidays. We were asked to choose any article from a newspaper. We cut it out and stuck it into our reading jotters and we then had to write a summary of what it was about. This is so that we can work on our reading skills for use in our literacy circles. We also did some Alta maths which we did online on the computers in the ICT room.


On Wednesday the 16th James’s grandfather, Jock Murray, came in to talk to us.  We had all been working on personal talks on a subject of our choice.  James had chosen to speak about his granddad and invited him in so we could ask him some questions.  He has lived a really interesting life and it was good to get a chance to speak to him.