Weekly Website Whizzkid – Caitlin EP7

This week we went to the I.C.T suite to work on our e-portfolios for the Nicolson. We also worked on Alta maths.  The challenger 4 bus came to school and we learnt about a lady called Jane who was a missionary. She went to Hungary to help the Jews in the Second World War. It was very interesting and all the people on the bus were great fun. This week we also learnt about the different parts of the heart and we watched a video about it.


Lots of people from school were competing in the local Mod. Everyone has worked very hard and done very well.  In our class Johanna, Lee, Leanne and I all did solos and Ailyn did a poem.  Leanne got a third place and Ailyn got a first place.  Me, Johanna and James were also in the Ceilidh Group that came second and Johanna and I were also in the Folk Group. Some people in our class were in the choir too and they came second.


Well done everyone in the school who took part.