P1 and Nursery Enrolment for August 2014

P1 Enrolment
Children who will be four years of age by 28 February 2014 are eligible for infant enrolment.  Parents who wish to enrol their children are requested to do so at the school any day at 3.00pm during the week commencing Monday 3rd February 2014. If you would like to meet with the Headteacher to discuss enrolment, he will be available during the enrolment sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that week.

Parents are requested to bring their child’s birth certificate along to enrolment.

Sgoil Araich
Places are also available in Sgoil Araich for session 2014/2015 for children who will be 3 years of age by 31 August 2014.  Places are also available for children who are 4 and are not currently registered with a pre-school provider. Parents are invited to enrol their children at a pre-school provider on the week commencing Monday 3rd February 2014 and are requested to bring their child’s birth certificate.
More information about Enrolment is available in the attached document:

PDF: Enrolment Information 2014

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