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Woodland Adventures

Our regular Woodland Adventure sessions for this term have begun. Here are just a few of the things that we have been doing…

Learning about how to stay safe – there are lots of toadstools just now.
Taking turns with our friends.
Finding and re-hiding Glenwood stones.
Eating snack together.
Solving problems – how can we get this seesaw to work?
Developing our gross motor skills as we explore.

If you would like to come and join us on one of our adventures, then please add your name to the list on the noticeboard.

Hide, Find and Rehide

Hide, Find and Rehide

We have been busy decorating stones to hide in our local parks for our families within Glenwood and the community, to enjoy finding, rehiding and even decorating our own stones to hide.

This is a great way to get active and creative whilst spending quality time with family and friends without spending any money.

By the end of the week, we aim to have stones hidden in Eastwood Park and Rouken Glen Park. Please feel free to take your child out on a ‘stone hunt’ and even add to our collection by designing your own special stone. If you find a stone, you will be able to tell if it is one of ours as it has our twitter address on it @GlenwoodFC. Once you’ve found the stone you can take a photo, rehide it or hide one of your own, then post to twitter.

We hope you enjoy this fun experience with your children.

What you need

  • A stone (any size)
  • Paint/Pens/crayons
  • Varnish (This could be clear nail varnish)

Charcoal Making

Today we noticed that we had no charcoal left to draw with in the garden, so we decided to make some more.

Once we had the fire alight, we cut some sticks to put in the tin. Then we put the tin in the hot fire and waited…

The charcoal making tin in the fire.

… and watched the smoke come out of the hole…

The smoke tells us the sticks inside are burning.

… and waited some more!

Finally our charcoal is ready to use.

Fire Lighting and a Special Snack


We have been learning how to light fires using a flint and steel.

First we talked about how fire can be dangerous and how to stay safe beside it.

We felt how hot the flame on a candle is.







“Fire will burn you if you touch it.”




Don’t worry – we were just pretending!

“Firemen put fires out with a hose.”







Special kneeling stops us wobbling into the fire.







Putting sand on the fire puts it out.













Using the flint and steel is hard.









We baked bananas on the fire today – delicious!

Maths Walks

The sun was shining as we set off on our first walks this morning and we even spotted a semi-circle shaped moon in the sky! Our walks have different maths challenges…





Number Challenge

Have you ever spotted the numbers on lamp posts before?

I wonder what this number is for?























Shape Challenge

Squares & Rectangles
Circles & Triangles
Circle & Rectangles


































Counting Challenge

The Orange Group setting off in the rain
Counting our collection













Pattern Challenge

Patterns can be found in all sorts of places…





















Measure Challenge

The biggest puddle!
The shortest tree!
The tallest tree
This tree is 4 children in circumference!
Who has the longest and shortest sticks?

Maths Week Scotland is coming!

Maths Week Scotland is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits, joy and beauty of maths.

Each group will be going on a walk in the local community to investigate one area of maths together and we would like parents and carers to join us!

Please sign up with your child’s key worker if you can join us – the group timetable is here : Maths Week Walks

Watch out for more Maths Week Challenges to come!


Woodland Adventures

Our weekly Woodland Adventures have begun!  We were delighted to be joined by some parents last Friday despite the rain – here are a few photos to show you what we got up to.

We made our own rope swing.



A shelter to keep us dry.
Hunting for minibeasts.
Examining the minibeasts we found.
We found beetles, woodlice, millipedes and centipedes.






























A game of Pooh Sticks on our way back to nursery.