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Playdough and loose parts play

The orchard bubble have been busy! 

The orchard bubble has shown a great interest in making playdough over the last few weeks. The children have taken responsibility for their own learning by coming up with different ideas of how they want to create their playdough from colours and texture.  “I want blue.”




“I want pink.”




The children had shown an interest in loose parts and wanted to include this in their playdough experience. By incorporating loose parts with playdough the children are developing their fine motor skills. They use a variety of movements such as pressing, rolling and stretching. This will help to strengthen the muscles in their hand which in turn will help them with their writing skills.


“I want to use leaves.”       


 “Oooohhh feathers.”



The children showed ownership over their creations and seemed to enjoy the fact that they could start again when one model was finished. They did show interest in taking them home so our next steps will be trying to create models with loose parts and clay. 


“Can we take them home?”

Children’s Voice

Listening to children’s voices.

At the end of April, after every bubble had spent three weeks in each playroom every child was invited to share their thoughts. We used photographs of the playrooms to help us to talk about our likes and dislikes.

The children said they enjoyed moving around all the rooms and shared their ideas to make each room better. Some children felt that the garden in Playzone 2 was too small. 

“I don’t like the garden”

“I didn’t like this because it wasn’t too big.”


We were able to begin using the side garden from Playzone 1 and expand the outdoor area for Playzone 2.

Some children missed the tyre swing from the old building so we added one to Playzone 1.

“I miss the tyre swing.”

“We should put some swings in the back yard.”




In Playzone 3 we added dolls to the home corner.

Can we have babies in this room?”

“I would like to play with babies here.”



To help us look at some of the areas more closely we used Tuff Cams to share our thoughts.


“This art area is not so good. We need more things for sticky pictures.” 

“People need to put things away in the right place, we need signs to tell them”.

The children suggested new resources and helped to organise and label them.

This has led to lots of new opportunities for leading their own learning.


As we continue to settle into our new building we can’t wait to hear more of the children’s ideas and suggestions to develop our learning environment.


Trying Different Foods

We wanted to try lots of new food for snack!

We helped our self to cereal.
We made our own mango and strawberry kebabs.
It was hard work cutting the pineapples in to rings.
Frozen berries make good smoothies.
Frozen berries make good smoothies.
We used the onions and turnips from our garden to make soup.
We used the onions and turnips from our garden to make soup.
Watermelon is our favourite so far.

We are looking forward to trying more new foods soon.

Children’s Voice

We value the views of all our children and we look for imaginative ways to gather their views. We conducted a poll asking the children if they enjoyed the play experiences in Glenwood.

We gather the children’s views using Big Books for planning and sharing ideas.

We organise our resources to allow children to access them easily and we use choosing books to allow children to select activities and resources.

Welcome back!

Over the last few days we have enjoyed exploring the new layout of the nursery and being able to choose where we can play. Here are some photographs of just some of the things we can choose…

We can make models and collages here.







We can work with our friends at the computer.







It is tricky using the mouse!







We remember to write our names on our drawings before we put them in the tray.






This week we have investigated gloop and pasta as well as shaving foam.






There are drying racks to put our paintings on.








Lots of jigsaws to choose from!






Reading stories together.







The sand feels good on our bare feet.







Lots of curious things to explore in the Quiet Room.






Making up stories in the construction area.







We always have a healthy snack.







Climbing trees in Toadstool Tales.







We built a shelter to keep the rain off!







Floating and sinking in the water tray.






Using the tools at the woodwork bench.








We are looking forward to showing our new friends around when they come to Glenwood.

Glenwood Logo Design

P6060008   P6060009

A huge congratulations to Fatimah who designed the winning logo for Glenwood Family Centre in our recent logo design competition. A close runner up was Emily and her family. Both girls will receive a prize and Fatimah’s design will be used as our new logo next session including on all new uniforms.


The winner was selected by the children, families and staff of Glenwood, including our new children who attended our recent induction afternoon. Thank you to everyone who took part in designing a logo.

Glenwood Logo Design Competition

Have you completed your entry for our logo design competition?

Having updated our Vision, Values and Aims we would like to update the Glenwood logo to better reflect this. We encourage you and your child to take part by designing a logo which will be printed on uniforms, paperwork etc. This cannot be too complicated or overly intricate. We are keeping the Glenwood colours of red and navy blue. Please use a black pen for your design on A4 paper and return by Thursday 26th May. Feel free to involve the whole family!


Glenwood Vision, Values and Aims


Since our change to Family Centre, we have been reviewing our Vision, Values and Aims with families, children and staff. We gathered the views of everyone in a range of ways.  We hope our new Vision, Values and Aims truly reflect what Glenwood really stands for.

Glenwood word-cloud

Vision, values and aims

G.I.R.F.E.C approach.  We strive to ‘Get it Right for Every Child’ (G.I.R.F.E.C).  We work in partnership with Parents/Carers, professionals and other agencies to meet the individual needs of the child.

Listen to one another.  Ideas and thoughts of all stakeholders are listened to and valued.

Excellent opportunities for ‘Learning for a Better World’.  We are rights respecting, eco-friendly and appreciate the wonders of the outdoors.

Nurturing, safe and stimulating environment where children are supported and challenged in their learning.

Welcoming and friendly ethos which is inclusive to all.

Outstanding learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.  Children have opportunities to learn, develop and be challenged in their learning, reaching their full potential.

Others’ beliefs, values and opinions.  We respect and value others.  We encourage stakeholders to share their diverse beliefs, values and opinions as we learn together about the people within our community.

Dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.  Staff responding to the interests and needs of the children, the children will become Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

What shall we call our two playrooms?

Our playrooms were known as the West Wing and the East Room. We noticed no-one was very familiar with those names and decided to re-name them. We asked the children what we could call the two playrooms in our nursery. P5060568The children had many ideas. We decided to choose names of some of the features of our outdoor areas.  We took photographs of our outdoor areas and made a graph.P5060565

Everyone voted for their favourite name.P5060567The winning names were Willow and Meadow. The Willow Room is to the left hand side (Previously known as West Wing) and the Meadow room is to the right hand side (previously the East Room).P5060569