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FAOL Polar Bear Blubber experiment

This week the Comets class were successful learners during Science. We were learning about Polar Bears and how they are able to keep warm in freezing cold temperatures.

Firstly, the children dipped their hands into icy water to feel how cold it was.  From some of our reactions you can see it was freezing!

Secondly, we put our hands in a plastic bag and dipped them into the lard (blubber.) We then dipped our hands into the water again to see if there was a change in the temperature.

The children were all amazed at how much warmer their hands felt with the protective layer of blubber.

FAOL MacMillan Coffee Morning Cupcakes

The Asteroids have had lots of fun as they baked their MacMillan cupcakes. They were very confident when gathering the ingredients using the recipe and they loved cracking the egg and stirring the mixture. The boys chose which colour of cupcake case they wanted and were able to sign or say some of the key ingredients and processes.

They then had great fun making three different colours of icing. They enjoyed squirting in the different food colouring and watching what happened to the white icing when they added the colouring. The boys chose which colours to ice their cupcakes from the MacMillan Cancer charity colours – white, green and purple. Most of them opted for using all three!

They all enjoyed eating their cupcakes for afternoon snack!

The boys also enjoyed making a large cupcake to stick on the classroom door and Percy Pig noses to wear when getting our photos taken as Percy Pig.

Eco Global Goal – Zero Hunger


The Daisies class were very responsible looking at the global goal ‘Zero Hunger’.  We looked closely at some pictures (the hungry caterpillar, Oliver Twist, Bruce Bogtrotter) and discussed whether they looked hungry or full.

We also spoke about how we would feel if we had a full tummy and also how we would feel if we had a hungry tummy.

Finally, we spoke about food that we liked and disliked and sorted them into categories on a poster.

Sungazers FAOL – Science in Class – Slime

The Sungazers Class love science and have all participated in various science activities over the term, making lava lamps, volcanoes, sensory snow, and slime. Their favourite experiment is making the cornflour slime as not only is it a good sensory science activity, it’s also good messy fun!

The boys are now able to follow the steps and make their own slime with minimal assistance.

Sungazers FAOL – Sciences – Weather – Tornado in a Jar

The Sungazers Class have enjoyed exploring different weather types through various science experiments.  This week we watched a video all about torandos then had a go at making our own ‘tornados in a jar’ using vinegar, water, food colouring and liquid soap.  We even added some sequences to see them get sucked up into our torando.  It was great fun!