The Big Orange Splot


This week was all about the colour ORANGE in the Pine Room.

The Story ‘The Big Orange Splot’ is all about how it is good that we are not all the same!!

Firstly there was some printing with oranges and lemons – it smelt lovely…

..and was quite squishy!!!

Lovely Orange Art.

Confident Individuals making some music.

What about a duet?

MOVE fun with Mrs Boyle for this successful learner,  making music on the sun tambourine and loving it!

Castanets too!!

Exercising and making some music – good job!!

Numeracy, Move and great concentration all while singing some counting songs.

Numeracy Treasure Hunt.

Building huge Towers….

….and knocking them down!!!!

‘Cause and Effect’

Pressing the screen at the right time during the counting song – well done!!

More numeracy – counting and clapping.

Time for a song YMCA anyone???

Global Goal 11 – Climate Change

The Arctic Animals were frozen in the ice and we use a hairdryer, and some warm water so we could see the impact that the higher temperatures are having on the Arctic. We all need to do our bit for the environment and be responsible citizens.

We then enjoyed some water play.

Our Rainbow Wall Display looks fantastic – lots of great ideas Mrs MacDonald!

Firework art for Guy Fawkes Day.

Putting the glitter choices on a switch  – makes choices better fun.

And now a word from your ECO-CAPTAIN!!

Reuse and Recycle, don’t throw things away make them into something cool – we would show you what we were doing BUT all our hands were covered in PVA Glue so no one was allowed touch the camera!!!

Firework Art.

Baby Shark!!! (Oh! someone make it stop!!!)


Sensory Numeracy Play.

Press and grip – play dough exercises

“Are you busy – do you want to play??

Have a great weekend.



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