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In literacy we were learning more about asking and answering questions, we spoke about mount cognito and how it helps us to make up more in-depth and challenging questions to use in our reading groups.


In maths we finished our first chapter on place value so we had a small assessment, we are looking forward to moving onto chapter two to learn more skills akin addition and subtraction.


In PE we had our last chance to work our core muscles because next week we are assessing ourselves to see if we have gotten any better at, sit ups, push up, Bailey bridges, squat thrust, shuttle runs and shooting. We are hoping that threw lots of practice our core body muscles will have strengthen and if not we have enjoyed learning about how to improve our muscles and keep healthy.


It it was our last week with Woman’s Aid, Hannah has been telling us all about domestic abuse at home and also about different kinds of abuse and how we can deal with it in different ways. We had another visit as well this week from the NSPCC that’s also told us about different types of abuse. We all now know the number to call if we want to talk to someone from the childline.

0800 1111



Week Beginning 11.11.19

This week we learnt lots about Remembrance Day. We learnt ways about how we remember and why we remember, we also made Poppies because we now know that Poppies are a symbol of remembrance and are linked closely to the poem Flanders Field. Ask any of us we can tell you why we wear the Poppy. John Paul also reminded the class that we have purple poppies to help us remember all the animals that lost their lives during conflict.

This week we have been working hard on our Primary 6 assembly. Our assembly was about RESPECT. We spoke of the story from the Old Testament about Elijah and the widow. The widow put all her faith in Elijah and respected what Elijah was saying, enough to make bread for him before making bread for her and her son. We also reminded the school that God regards each of us as a unique individual of infinite value to him. We also reminded everyone that Nobody’s a Nobody.

Until next time 😀

Week Beginning 04.11.19

We had My Albyati on Monday because Miss Smith was on an Outdoor Numeracy course. We came in and done SODA then we done some maths. Then we had play time after playtime we read a book then got ready for PE. In PE we were doing more push and exercises to help us get healthy. Then after PE we were learning more about Tiny Feet and we finished our day by laying a games of heads and tales – which was really good fun.

We have ben learning how to keep our handwriting neat and we have been getting better with our spelling “I’m actually really good at reading, I’m getting challenged, because every single page i’m reading is getting harder and harder.”

We got a letter from Australian pen pals, my pen pals name is Arlen, but everyone has different pen pals, we have been learning about the layout of informal letters.  We are going to send these over to Australia.

On Friday we had two visitors, Tooth tigers told us how to brush our teeth properly, told us what would happen if we didn’t our teeth right and what to eat. They showed us wat makes your teeth rot and then we got to play games. We went to a station about questions about teeth brushing like “How many times do you have to brush your teeth a day?”  and of course the answer is two so you got a sticker for every correct answer. This was my favourite I ended up with 3 stickers.

Our second visitor was from Woman Aid, we spoke about people emotions, and what can make them feel different ways. Our visitor Hannah, has been talking about bullying and domestic abuse it’s really intersting.

Ben Harris P6




We have had a busy week, in maths we were learning how to add and subtract 5 and 6 digit numbers from 7 digit numbers. in outdoor maths we were challenging our ability to add and take away in our heads.

We were reading in literacy, continuing our Roald Dahl books, Ben and Gabi’s finished there book and were so excited they started another book they are reading Esio Trot now. Everyone else was reading there books trying to use expression and excited voices.

We are doing circuits in PE, lots of sit ups, push ups, squat thrusts and other things so we can keep our bodies fit and healthy.

This week has been lots of fun with 3 different fun things, Zoolab on Monday, Halloween parties on Thursday and on Friday a visitor from Woman’s Aid came to talk to us about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

The best thing about this week is sending emails, we can send emails from our own email addresses. Miss Smith had 72 emails but the end of digital technologies.

Wk Beginning 21.10.19

Yes we’re back at school and Miss Smith has hit the ground running giving us plenty of assessments to see how much we have remembered from Term 1. Miss Smith as told she was not surprised one bit when we remembered almost everything, okay everything, we had learnt during term 1. We definitely showed Miss Smith we are a super primary 6 class.

Our first week back we also found out we will be doing a new topic, we are going to be looking at Scottish Scientists and we are going to be doing lots of science experiment so watch this space for some explosions some fizz, some bangs and some BOOMS.

We will be working lots on digital technologies this term learning how to update our posts and add pictures – by ourselves and also how to send emails.


Thanks for visiting our blog.

Fab Fit Friday

Primary 6 had the best fab fit Friday in term 1, we were introduced to all different kind of ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We started off doing Karate where we learned different defence techniques, then we went on to meet the Dundee stars and do some hockey in the hall, next we got to meet a hero from guide dogs for the blind. We learnt so many interesting facts about guide dogs it made us realise how lucky we are to be ale to see. We finished off in our own classroom making fruit kebabs where we got to taste all different kinds of tasty fruit.

Camperdown Flower and Food Festival

Primary 6 were lucky enough to visit the Camperdown Flower and Food festival, here are some pictures of us learning about lots of different flowers, foods and fundraising that happens in and around Dundee. 



Another week of successful learning in P6. This week we were looking at 6 digit numbers in maths, we were building, writing and breaking down numbers up to 100000. We were also learning more about telling the time , converting into 24 hours and telling time from the minute.

We were learning about Roald Dahl, we done a timeline but, we haven’t finished this yet.

In PE this week we learnt that warm up are very important because you can pull a muscle if you don’t. We were also doing drama with Glen. Look at our pictures above.

I have enjoyed my learning this week because we done it with YOU (Miss Smith)

Mateusz P^


This week we started a new way to learn Maths, it’s called Maths no problem and we showed Miss Smith that change is absolutely no problem to us. We were learning numbers up to Ten thousands. We used concrete materials to build 5 digit numbers and gained more knowledge in using the split strategy. Have a look at our pictures to see what we came up with for 5 digit numbers.

In PE we are  looking at different teams games, we looked at how a game can be more complex and how it can be made easier so we can play the same game with every class in the school.

In HWB we reminded ourselves about how we should be acting in the playground and how to solve problems, if we have any – by using our cool responses or talking to an adult.

Miss Smith had a really hard time picking a star pupil this week so we received a whole class STAR PUPIL AWARD. Lucky us that meant we all got hot chocolate – Miss Smith said we have been absolutely outstanding.


P6 focusig hard on a spelling test!


Pimary 6 have had an amazing start to this term. The hard work that I have seen during the week is outstanding, I am hoping that and I am positive that this will continue through-out our year.

This week we have been settling into your new routines, learning the new classroom rules and getting to know what we will be doing in term 1.  We have an exciting new math programme that we can’t wait to star, we get our own workbooks that look amazing. We have also fund out we will be learning our Roald Dahl and his life before being an author, how mazing to find out about one of the worlds biggest children’s authors. We have had art this week learning about hot and cold colour and creating hand art which we are later going to paint – adults at home we really need a painting overall for next Friday ( an old shirt or t-shirt will do THANK YOU)

Next week we will be doing lots more interesting work and continuing to work on being amazing inside and outside of our classroom.

Until next week



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