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Why can’t the pirate answer his phone? It’s off the hook!

Ahoy there me mateys. We have been having a great old time even though we are all landlubbers! We have been learning lots and lots about pirates and money this week with our teachers and in the sunshine room they have been learning all about plants too!


Some of us go to the sunshine room in the morning. It is lots of fun and we show each other lovely manners and we learn lots of exciting new things. Over the last few weeks we have been learning about plants and growing because when it was spring we saw lots of new things growing and changing around us. We thought that it was so interesting that we even made a garden centre in our Sunshine room to help us to talk about and learn more about plants- we even have some real ones!                           


All of us have been learning about money and we have got a bank in our Active Learning Zone and we have been making our own shops with things around us in our classrooms where we have to put a price on things and sell them to our friends. It has been lots of fun and we have been learning that there are lots of different ways you can use money.


In number work we have also been learning all about subtraction! We are so clever that we can take away to find the missing answer as  well as find the missing number if it is in the sum itself! Some of use even noticed that if we used the numbers to add we got the first number!


We have been reading lots of exciting pirate stories and we have picked our favourite four!


We are all looking forward to voting next week on which is our favourite one!

We have also been making pirate chest with Mrs McLean. We think that pirtaes would love to steal them because the treasure is so sparkly.


Week Starting Tuesday 14th May 2012


  • We all have gym on Wednesday afternoon- long hair tied up and NO earrings please.
  • We will have a new way of doing homework this term. All homework will be given out on a Thurdsay and is due back on a Wednesday. Each week there will be a Yellow Book Challenge to do but you can pick which challenge you want to do from a list of 4.
  • Mrs Smith is visiting us on Monday morning.
  • Tony the Minister is visiting us on Wednesday morning.
  • P1a1 have paired reading on Tuesday afternoon.
  • P1a2 have paired reading on Friday morning.

On the day your child has gym, please ensure they returned their clean shorts, t-shirts and gym shoes (some of us have grown a little so please check that they still fit) and have no jewellery on. Also, please tie up long hair. Thank you.

Please remember to return your child’s summer trip as soon as a possible.

Our topic is Pirates. We will be learning about coordinates this week(there’s treasure on there maps me ‘arties!).

Quiz time.

This week started off in a very exciting way with the annual Interhouse Quiz on Monday afternoon.  Pupils were selected from every stage to represent the four houses Camperdown, Caird, Dudhope and Baxter.  All the team members were fantastic answering the quiz questions and the rest of the pupils were super supporters cheering on their house.  It was very close but in the end Dudhope won.  Hooray.

We have been doing more learning through the Baboon on the Moon and P1a1 had fun making some brilliant paintings of the Baboon.

We also learnt about the ‘oo’ sound.  We looked at the story of The Moon Jet on the Promethean board and completed some ‘oo’ activities.  We thought of lots of ‘oo’ words like tooth, pool, book, foot, look and zoo.

It has been a great week for listening to stories as we had a visit from Mrs McDonald on Wednesday.  She read us The Good Little Wolf which had a very surprising ending. 

We also had visits from Primary 6  as we are working with them on the Picture  Book Award.  They visited us in our classrooms to read us stories and ask us lots of questions about what we thought of the stories and illustrations.  They are going to come and see us again next week to read us some more stories.  We are really looking forward to it.


One of our tasks in the Active Learning Zone has been adding 3 numbers together.  We used  planets to help us and wrote our sums on a whiteboard.  We love adding up!

Week Starting 12th March 2012

  • P1a1 have gym on Monday afternoon.
  • P1a2 have gym on Wednesday afternoon.
  • P1a2 have music on Thursday afternoon.
  • Book bags will go out on Friday this week, please read with your child and return it with them on Monday morning.

On the day your child has gym, please ensure they have no jewellery and long hair should be tied up.

Primary 1 have drop in afternoons on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th from 2.45pm to 3.15pm.  We look forward to seeing you then.

Please send in your child’s Fruit Money in a named envelope £2.60 until the Easter Holiday. Thank you to those who have already paid.


Next week we will be learning how to make a book all about space.

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