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We can see the light- it’s a torch!

Woweee! What an amazing week for us and the whole of Dundee – The Olympic Torch came to visit as part of it’s relay race across Great Britain! We were all very excited and lots of us even went to see it in the park and along the streets. For homework we had to talk to our families about what we know about the Olympics and also what we wanted to know.

Each day we count down the days until the London 2012 Olympics and we  follow the torch by putting its picture on  a map to show us where it was. We were so happy that on day 25 it came to Dundee.


This week to celebrate such a special event we decided that the best thing we could do was join in with all of the celebrations and have our own Olympic Torch Relay.  We decided that to have a torch relay we would all need a torch so our teachers set us the task of designing our own torch to hold our ‘faux’ Olympic  flame. We had to think of how to make a shape with the card that would hold the flame safely and that would show people the 2012 logo. They were all fabulous and we were amazed at how different each one was.

Once we had all designed our torches we went outside for our race. we used the very long playground at the front of our school and we passed the torch around. We had been learning that this has a special name. When the special flame from the Olympic Gods is passed from one torch to the next the torches have to touch together at the top. This is called a ‘kiss’.

When we had passed the flame on from our torch we joined the race and supported the next torch bearer. It was great fun and we were really pleased that we even got a special Olympic London 2012 certificate too!

In the Active Learning Zone we have also been finding out where the torch has been going by using a GIANT map and our Torch beebots. We have to think about where the torch goes to and see if we can guide the Torch Beebot to it. It was lots of fun exploring where in Great Britain we know or could find with support.

We have also been learning all about the Olympics and ordinal numbers by using the Wii and the London 2012 Game. We have only been looking at the running but we are doing very well at it. We have to use a timer to make sure that all of our friends can have a go and share the fun. When the race ends we have to look at who came first, second or third and then we put our medal on the chart. We even get a sticker which some of us have been putting in our wider achievements section of our folios.

We are learning all about plants and  this week and we have been planting cress. We had to think very carefully about what equipment we would need and then how we would plant our seed. It was very  interesting and lots of us were able to share what we had been learning in nursery, what we had written in our plan and use that to help us think and decide. We even wrote a set of instructions to help people who visit our ‘garden’ and ‘garden centres’  and we are going to put them all into a book to help new gardeners plant seeds successfully. We have been using our thinking flowers to help us think about our learning

We have been measuring lots and lots this week. We had to measure different leaves and then Jack was very kind and let us borrow his Beanstalk garden  and measure all the beanstalks which have been growing there. It was tricky because some of us had to estimate and measure. We learned that when you estimate you have to make a sensible guess before you measure. On Thursday we all brought things in from home and we estimated and measured them. Then we shared our object or toy with our friends to let them do the same. We all brought really good measuring objects in, there was even a Slinky which was long and short! We used our thinking flowers and triangle again and it helped us talk lots about measure.

We are still enjoying hearing and learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk and this week we looked at scenes form different books and we had to highlight where the characters were speaking. We have been learning that speech marks open and close to show when someone starts and stops speaking. We all used the Promethean Board to highlight some pages from books which we had already read and then we got a sheet from a book we had not read. Some of us had to highlight what the different charachters said in different colours and some of us had to highlight any speech using just one colour. It was quite hard but we all got there in the end.

Lastly we are still getting some super homework from our classmates. This week Tallulah has been very excited as two of the pieces of homework have been about her! Aiden made a mask and picture with his family. We all agreed that they were SUPER!

We would love it if you want to have a look and comment on the work that the nursery boys and girls have been doing. We share our Active Learning Zone with them on a Tuesday and Friday because we are getting so big that we are nearly in P2 and they are nearly in P1!



  • We are all going on our trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park on Tuesday and won’t be back at school until 4pm. Please remember to wear your play clothes, bring a packed lunch and bring a waterproof coat.
  • P1a1 and P1a2 have gym on Wednesday afternoon.
  • We will have a new way of doing homework this term. All homework will be given out on a Thursday and is due back on a Wednesday. Each week there will be a Yellow Book Challenge to do but you can pick which challenge you want to do from a list of 4.

On the day your child has gym, please ensure they returned their clean shorts, t-shirts and gym shoes (some of us have grown a little so please check that they still fit) and have no jewellery on. Also, please tie up long hair. Thank you. Gym bags will be sent home this week as there is no gym next week.

Our topic is all about Jack and the Beanstalk, Growing Plants and the Olympics.

Jack, something is growing outside your window!

Well some very exciting things have been going on this week – we have been learning lots more about our Jack and the Beanstalk story and project. Our assembly is very soon so we have been listening carefully and we evern have a special pen which reads the story in Polish and English. Our assembly has been going well and we are getting very good at using our BIG voices to make sure that everyone will be able to hear our performance. We have also been thinking carefully about how we stand and making sure that we always face our audience so that everyone can hear us… It has been very exciting and we can’t wait to share our hard work with our school and families.


We have been meeting some of the nursery boys and girls who will be taking our place in Primary One next year as we are getting so big we will be in Primary Two soon. Here is a link to see what they have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk.


We have had some amazing homework projects going on recently and now we have beanstalks in our classrooms! Ellie, Alexander, Aiden and John have all build their own beanstalks – all complete with their own Jack and Giants. All the teachers were amazed and impressed and Mrs McDonald even gave them a Head Teacher award! We have put them in our classrooms where something has been growing too!


 After we created our topic plans with our teachers we started to put our garden centres together. P1a2 decided that they wanted to call their garden centre Dibbies because some of us had been to Dobbies and we thought it sounded like that name but it was a but different. We have put lots of things into our centres and have had fun making labels and price tags for things.

In the Active Learning Zone we have been busy planning to have a shop. We have had to think about what we would like in our shop, who would work their and what skills they would need to have. It was lots of fun and we can’t wait to see what we will create when we apply what we have been designing!


We are still learning about and using money in our Garden Centres, numeracy areas and the Active Learning Zone. We have been looking at different notes and have been making our own money! Our teachers said if we could use it we would be VERY rich!


In Primary 1a2 Pirate Pete and Pirate the Parrot invited a friend to visit us which was a lovely surprise! Pirate the Parrot had been a bit lonely so he invited his best friend Tallulah the Toucan to come and visit us. She flew in our classroom window at the weekend and we knew that she was here to stay for a while because she even had her own suitcase. Some of the Busy Bees recognised the word ‘fragile’ on her case from their reading book. Tallulah said that she had flown across from the other side of the island our Smugglers Cave is on and that she had seen an amazing sight – A GIANT BEANSTALK! It was going all the way from the back of the cave in our classroom to the other side of ‘island’ in the Active Learning Zone. We can’t wait to see if she has been having any adventures after the weekend…


On Tuesday, Tony the Minister came to visit us. He has been telling us some stories from the Bible. This week he was telling us about Noah and his Ark. We thought it was a brilliant story and lots of us have been drawing pictures of the animals, the ark, Mr and Mrs Noah and the rainbow that God sent to show that the rain had ended, Dylin even made a brilliant model with his family as part of his homework challenge. Abdul Malik and Abigail knew how rainbows were made and lots of us had seen them but none of us had seen an Ark! We really enjoy our visits from Tony and we look forward to seeing him again soon.


We have been getting very excited about the Olympics. We are following the Olympic torch as it travels through the United Kingdom. We can’t wait until it reaches Dundee and there will be a special party in Baxter Park!


This Friday has been our Jubilee Jamboree. We all dressed up in red, white and blue clothes- Ellie even made her own hair bobbles and skirt which were fantastic.  We had a competition where we had to design a Jubilee stamp or coin and Rory won. Mr Mackay (Mrs Mackay’s husband) even let us borrow his medal to get some ideas of what the Queen might like. We have been designing our own Union Jacks in the Active Learning and Aiden even made a delicious cup cake!



Week Starting Wednesday 6th June 2012


WE HAVE OUR ASSEMBLY ON WEDNESDAY 6th JUNE at 2pm. All family and friends welcome!

  • We will have a new way of doing homework this term. All homework will be given out on a Thurdsay and is due back on a Wednesday. Each week there will be a Yellow Book Challenge to do but you can pick which challenge you want to do from a list of 3.

On the day your child has gym, please ensure they returned their clean shorts, t-shirts and gym shoes (some of us have grown a little so please check that they still fit) and have no jewellery on. Also, please tie up long hair. Thank you.

Please remember to return your child’s summer trip as soon as a possible.

This week we are learning how to perform an assembly.

We’ve had visitors!

Both P1a1 and P1a2 have had visitors to their classrooms! Read on to find out what has been happening…..

P1a1  – Tallulah the Toucan

One morning we came into school and Tallulah was there. We had left the window open overnight and she had flown in. She made her nest on the seat. She made her nest from the basket. Tallulah is a Toucan and she is from South America. She normally lives in a big hole in a tree in the rainforest. She has been playing in our classroom. She went in the sand pit, she played on the door, she flew up to the chinese lanterns and she was hanging on! Kayleigh made a post card for Tallulah. Dyaln wrote a story for Tallulah. Samuel drew a picture of Tallulah when she was in the rainforest. He found a song about Toucans on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKkG8Xbb8Fc&feature=player_embedded All the class made words to describe Tallulah on Comic Life in the ICT suite. We are all loving having Tallulah in our classroom. Tallulah likes going on adventures and we think she might be going on one this weekend!

P1a2 – Idris the Dragon

 We came into school one morning and we found Idris the Dragon. He is a boy dragon from Wales. He was sitting in his nest. When we first met him he was shy. He Put his head up and down because he was scared of us. He is a baby dragon and his is red and gold and green and yellow. He has wings and little spikes or prickles. He only breathes smoke because he is a baby but he is not allowed to breathe smoke in school because he will set the alarm off. He is only allowed to breathe smoke outside. He likes cuddling into his basket but when we are not in school he likes to fly about the class and play. He likes playing at the computer and in the school corner. Sometimes he flies out of school at night and comes back with things for his basket. He likes things that are gold and one day we came back to find lots of gold things there. He likes to go on lots of adventures and he is thinking of going to Africa! He might be going tonight! Miss Davies read us a story about dragons and we make postcards for Idris and write him letters and write stories about him. We have been drawing our own dragons too and thinking of words to describe them.


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