Kitchen Skills Endeavour

This year for my endeavour I am doing kitchen skills. I chose to do this because I am really interested in it and I really like helping out at home and the skills that I have learnt will help me when I am looking for a job. Through the weeks of endeavour I have learned a lot of new skills. I have learned how to chop, peel, core and I have learnt about hygiene. At the end of my endeavour I am hoping to make an i-movie to be able to show and teach other people about hygiene in the kitchen and different skills. I am really enjoying endeavour this year and I hope that I can learn more skills even though I won’t be doing endeavour anymore after this.

By Rebecca Morris

WW100 Commemorations

On Friday the 4th May all schools came to Port Ellen Primary School except from the school in Jura they came for the World War One commemoration. The choir walked down  to the pier to sing a Gaelic  song with the Adult choir. About half an hour later the schools walked down to the Islay Hotel to wave the handmade flags that we made at Port Ellen Primary School. They waved the flags to welcome the Princess Royal for the WW1 commemorations and to remember the brave soldiers that were in World War One and that the fought for there country for us. We also thought about the vrave Islay people who helped the survivors of the Tuscania and Otranto.

Charlet and Millie

Port Ellen Egg Science!

This week the whole of Port Ellen Primary school have been testing Newtons 3 laws of motion with eggs!

The rules work as you have to protect your egg from breaking using resources provided, you have to make 2 things to hold your egg but 1 has to have a parachute and 1 doesn’t and there is prizes for the lightest, the egg that is least damaged and the one that looked the nicest.

We dropped the eggs from a height (The top of our stairs.) Then it will go at a high speed then splat on the floor. This is Newtons first law, The law of Inertia a object (The egg) will stay in motion still unless it is acted upon, the act is the floor the thing thats going to stop the egg so the egg falls down then hits the ground.

Newtons second law F=MA which stands for force= mass acceleration, This one was the most important this was to slow down your craft before hitting the ground using… Parachutes! For the parachutes there is only a few things 1. the bigger the better, 2. don’t make it to big it gets stuck on the stairs and 3. make it out of something light not like card so we used bin bags!

Newtons 3rd law for every action there is a opposite reaction. The egg is falling then it hits the ground the action the reaction the egg goes splat.

The eggs experiment was a great way to test Newtons laws of motion. It wasn’t just a way of testing Newtons laws but every body loved creating there own special device to keep the egg safe it was like a baby and you can’t drop the baby unless you are 5 metres high and it has a parachute.


Easter Egg Competition

Yesterday we had a Easter egg competition there were lots of excellent ideas. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a good egg for the competition. The Easter egg competition is when you make an egg into something and then you bring it to school and the judge will judge it and then after a while you will find out who won from the Nursery up to primary 7. The winners were:

Nursery: Erin

P1: Jacob

P2: chloe

P3: katie

P4: Christopher

P5: Evie

P6: Donald

P7: Taylor

P7 Science Trip To I.H.S

On Wednesday 14th March P6/7 went to I.H.S. P6 did engineering and P7 did science. All of the primary schools from all around the island came. We did this because it would give us a chance to see what the classes are like in the high school, meet new friends from different schools and do science. The P7’s got split up into 3 groups and first of all my group was with Mrs McNaughton. When we were there we got a paper boat and filled it with boiling water and put it in a paper boat a checked the temperature. Then we got clay shapes and checked which shape would go to the bottom of the glue first and we found out that the sphere went down the fastest. The next class we went to was Mr Kitching’s class and there we were looking at crystals through a microscope. After that we went to Mrs Moran’s class and there we were doing experiments and saying whether the things we were doing were exothermic or endothermic. Overall I think that the day was fantastic and I would definitely go again.

By Rebecca Morris

Engineering Art

Today on Friday 9th March Port Ellen Primary School had Elaine Johnston come and help the whole school create art. Primary 6/7 did an engineering abstract picture where we drew things that related to engineering like screws, cables and cogs. We used the art Eduardo Paolozzi as an inspiration for our work.  We then had to paint them in only black, white and yellow we were allowed to mix the colours together. Once the paint had dried we outlined the picture in black and used metallic pens to add effect and texture to our pictures. It was a lot of fun and we would like to say thank you to her for helping us.  The pictures will be on display for our year of engineering.

Clay Models

On Tuesday 27th February, three Ladies from the Islay art group came in and talked to us about the Tuscania, the Otranto  and how it is 100 years since the war ended. They showed us how to use clay and mold it into shapes. We all had to make clay figures to remember all of the beloved soldiers that died fighting to protect our country. All of the schools on Islay and Jura have been asked to make these clay models, we are hoping to Make 1010 because that’s how many soldiers we lost from Islay and Jura and on the Tuscania and the Otranto. Some of the men drowned, some of them were really badly damadged and some of them survived the war but died from bad wounds when they came back. We are making the Clay models in this way because a guy called Antony Gormley made these amazing clay models. All the clay models will be presented in the Ramsey hall on May the 4th were another rememberance will be held.

by Sophie Macdonald

My HTML/JAVA Endeavour

For my Endeavour I am doing HTML/JAVA coding. I am making a webpage and I am going to use the website CodeCademy to help me. I have completed a planner covering what I will achieve in a certain space of time and answered questions like: how is this project ambitious and how this Endeavour will help me with my world of work. I have written a letter to a creator of a coding boot camp however I don’t know what I am going to do on my webpage. I am hoping that I get a reply for my letter and that it can help me with my Endeavour.

WW1 and Alastair Mackinnon

We have been learning loads of fascinating information about world war one, ships torpedoed/sunk, the soldiers that served for our county, and the community heroes all because of one thing… Its been one hundred years since world war one (also known as the Great War) ended and since the Tuscania got torpedoed by a German U-boat. We all remember this tragic, heart-touching moment because not only was their lots of American Soldiers on the Tuscania and killed  but their was loads of Islay and Jura Soldiers on the Tuscania as well! In memory of the brave, and mighty Soldiers we lost, in the front school grounds we have made the most remarkable WW 100 sign that some of primary 6/7 made created and planted a variety of plants; Tulips, daffodil, poppy, bulbs and many more. In p6/7 we went down to the pier to venture the war memorial. Everyone chose someone from Islay and Jura to find facts and figures about them. I decided to learn more about A. Mackinnon. Alastair Mackinnon. Some miraculous facts I found out about Alastair was:

Alastair went to Port Ellen Primary School when he was a kid. In 1908 he went to Fettes Collage in Edinburgh. Fettes Collage looked like quite a posh school for someone to go to in 1908. After Collage he went to Edinburgh University. Eventually Alastair set off to go to war.

He Died on 14/10/1916
Aged 21
8th Bn.
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Son of the Rev. James Mackinnon, M.A. and Margaret Mackinnon, of the Manse of Kildalton, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay.
Alastair home was Kildalton House.
People/family living with Alastair in 1901: James Mackinnon (head) aged 35, Margaret Mackinnon (wife) aged 34, Alastair Mackinnon (son) aged 5,
Sheila Mackinnon (daughter) aged 3, Margaret Mackinnon (sister) aged 30, Maggie Mckay (Servant) aged 31
Mary White (servant) aged 13.

Alastair Mackinnon had and inscription on his grave;

The facts about Alastair I found most interesting was who lived in his home at the time of 1901 because I now have a good image in my head of what it was like to be him at the time especially with two servants.

Ryan Van Winkle

A couple of weeks ago a poet called Ryan Van Winkle came into the P 6/7 class and helped us to write a good poem and think of ideas. Ryan Van Winkle went to all the schools on Islay and he will be putting together all of our ideas to make a poem about World War 1. We learnt how to make good similes, metaphors and personification, we wrote on the board all the things that human can do and objects can’t do. We also wrote down about the objects senses, I decided to write about the table and how it is annoyed how it has to lift all the pots and how it hurts when people lean on it. After we then wrote a poem about Islay and what we would miss about it if it was during the war. I said I would miss all of the  nature although I wouldn’t miss the smell of fish. Ryan Van Winkle had a fidget spinner and he dabbed and everyone in the class laughed.

Our Visit To Islay Museum

On Wednesday 14th February primary 6/7 went to the Islay museum to learn more facts about WW1 and also about life on Islay in the past. We are all researching a soldier that was in the war and trying to find facts out about him. Some of us got facts from the museum. We also got to look at some objects from the past on Islay and also some objects from the war as well. One of the things we got to look at was a book that had poems in them that we got to read. We also got to see some bullets from the war. Although we got to hold the fake ones, they were still fascinating to look at. At the end we got to have a look around the museum to see what we could find. Once we found an object we wrote facts about it and then we drew it. I drew a medal and I learned that on the rim it says the name of the man and what rank he is. My favorite thing in the museum was the machine gun  because it looked old, rusty and fascinating.(I would not like to wear all of that!)  At the museum I learned that in the war the men were forced to wear old Kilts, itchy jackets, heavy green helmets, and old boots.

By Rebecca and Ellen

The White Swan

For the choir this year we have been learning a song that relates to WW1. This year our song is called The White Swan. The man who wrote this was in the war. We all gathered at teh American Monument on the Oa because it had been 100 years since the Tuscania sank in 1918. It had also been 100 years since the war ended so on that day we went down to the graves at Kilnaughton and sang that song to everyone who was there. Also there were some people videoing us and now we are on TV. Lots of other people were there and they were saying poems and at the end we placed these small crosses with poppies on the top and we put them around the graves and in the ground. I really enjoyed singing for everyone who was there.

By Rowan Morris

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum Box

Our school has been learning about WW1 and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders museum lent us some primary and secondary resources from WW1. They lent us: helmets, a kilt, a jacket, a water bottle, a tin that you could keep your food in and inside it there is a sauce pan to cook you food in, a belt that you can keep your bullets and small guns in, two medals, a whistle, bandages, gas masks, gas goggles, cleaning products like a comb,pins,a brush, a razor and a thing to hold your buttons in to clean them, they also sent us a fork and a knife, a exercise book, books to show you what to do in the war and posters to show people in action and meals that they would eat.

From all those things I learnt that in the war you had to have all your equipment with you. I also learnt that you have a lot of cleaning products. That they eat stew that looks and sounds disgusting . I learnt that the gas masks have been changed over the years to better ones. That the kilt and jacket was very itchy. Thank you to the museum for sending our school all those things.

By Abi Logan

KNEX Challenges

On a Tuesday at lunch time at Port Ellen Primary School Charlie, Ciaran and Aidan run a Knex Club for P4-7. We put everyone into groups of 5. Every week there is different things that get made and done like frisbees and tracks we also made a lot of houses out of knex. A lot of people came to Knex club so we had a lot of things that were made. After the Febuary break we are starting Knex club again.  We hae also been doing Knex building challenges in class.  We built a hydro electric machine, a wind powered machine and a solar car in class from Knex and even maneged to make electricity.  It was very exciting!

WW100 Visitors


On Thursday 25th January Jenni and Stuart from the Islay Museum came to Port Ellen Primary school to talk about WW100 on Islay.  This is so we can get information about WW1 on Islay and what happened here during the war. They told us about the Tuscania, which was torpedoed by a submarine in 1918 and it sank off the coast of Islay, but some the survivors came ashore in lifeboats or were wrecked in the rocks and people on Islay helped to save them and also to bury the dead.  Two brothers came down from their farm house and saved some people and gave them their home, and some poeple baked scones.  It is amazing to think this all happened 100 years ago on February 5th.  I am looking forward to finding out more about Islay at this time.

Biomass a Renewable energy source.

Biomass is a Renewable energy source it is also short for biological material. Biomass creates heat and energy. The energy it contains is from the sun. Biomass is created by burning things like some crops, types of rubbish, manure, scrap and lumber forest in a boiler. The  most common types of Biomass boilers are hot water boilers and steam boilers. Co-firing biomass with coal is a very effective way of using biomass for energy. Biomass is the only renewable energy source that can be converted into liquid. The countries that use Biomass the most are Sweden, Austria, and the United states of America.


The Engineer Grabber Challenge

In class we have been looking at engineering and we have been doing challenges in groups to help us feel like an engineer. For this challenge we were told that we had make a model and we were to be able to pick up an object from one metre away. First thing that we did in our groups was go off separately and make a design and label it so that we could see how it would work and what materials it needed to be made. When that was finished we got back in our groups and we decided what one that we would make. We went of and started to make our model and when we had to test it out and my group managed to pick up a water bottle from a metre away. Then when we had finished Mrs Clark decided who was the winner of this challenge and it was my group.

Rowan Morris


Last Thursday the school asked us to take in shoe boxes filled with Christmas goodies to go to people on the other side of the world. They could go for old people , young people and babies and they are for those people who don’t have anything like us. This year our school put in 24 shoe boxes for those people around the world. Why do we put shoe boxes in? So that other people around the world can have new Clothes, Shoes, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Shampoo, Body Wash and sweets. You aren’t allowed to put Chocolate and water into the box.  The project is run by the Blytheswood Trust.

By Charlie

Children In Need

Every Year On Friday 17th November it’s Children in Need or Pudsey day, children in need help families that need a bit more help than we do. Children in Need is a really big deal to the families that need them, everyone that helps all the kids and even adults change their life completely. We decided to raise money and everyone came to school wearing something spotty to raise money for Children In Need and baked cakes. Our school raised £137!!! that’s a lot of Money from just a tiny school on a tiny island. Everyone can make a donation for children in need even if its as little as £2.00 or as big as £200!! So maybe next year everyone can make a difference and help the children!!

By Sophie Macdonald

Our Rainbow Beam Bridge

We built a bridge using cardboard, lego, string, lolly sticks and tape. We tested it to see if it was sturdy by putting a toy car on and it didn’t fall down. We had to make the legs shorter because it was not stable. We added lolly sticks like a triangle for extra support. The lego was used as pillars to hold up the glass roof which is to shelter the vehicles or pedestrians from the weather.

Image result for beam bridge


Today we made bridges and we are only allowed to use scissors, sellotape, string, lego, cardboard, lolly sticks and plastic. Myself and Dylan made a suspension bridge we used lots of lego – Dylan was my lego helper he went to get me lego. We used  string for the suspension part of the bridge, lego for the legs and suspension part and cardboard for the actual bit of the bridge. We used sellotape to tape the legs on and the suspension  part of the bridge and to tape the string on to the lego and now it is done. We are very proud of our bridge!

Tomorrows Engineers

In school this week the whole of the school is doing a topic called Tomorrows Engineers. In p1/2/3 they have been getting their parents in to help them make their models which were chairs. In p4/5 they have been making fabulous bridges some are small and some big. In p6/7 we have been making grabbers to pick up something.

Here is one of p6/7’s grabbers:

Here is one of p4/5’s bridges:

Here is one of p1/2/3’s chairs:

By Abi Logan

Brilliant Bridges

We created a sturdy bridge with 2 coffee can as supports as well as 1 tower of lego in the middle, on top there is a strand of card , a welcome sign on top of the card and some triangles made out of sticks. it is a very sturdy bridge because of all of the supports. we can also fit some boats underneath. so overall it is a very good bridge design.

Farmer’s Feast

On Tuesday 3rd October 2017 primary 6/7 made a delicious buffet for elders in the local community. Some of the delicious food that were available: Bramble muffins, pancakes, tomato soup, egg sandwiches, nettle soup, bramble meringues, oat and apple cookies, bramble and apple cakes and jam sandwiches. After everyone got welcomed and took a seat the P6/7s told everyone about the feast. While everyone ate some people from the class were on a table with each other and we had to talk to the people on our table. Soon after everyone had had a wee bit to eat the Gaelic choir sang some beautiful songs and some of the choir did poems and solos. After the Gaelic choir sang the Primary School band played some songs. The instruments that were played were the flute and the clarinet. The final thing that happened was primary 1,2 and 3 did some poems and they sounded lovely. Everyone had a great time, enjoyed the entertainment and very much appreciated our lovely foods.


New Captains Means New Plans

In Port Ellen Primary there were new captains chosen for the different houses. Most houses have one captain and two vice captains but this year Nave, one of the houses, had three vice and one captain. All the houses are based on an Island around Islay. Orsay’s captain is Rowan Morris and their vice-captains are Matthew Campbell and Sophie Macdonald. Texa’s captain is Rebecca Morris and their vice captains are Jack Shaw and Abi Logan. Nave’s captain is Lauren Macdonald and their vice captain are Sarah Maclennan, Taylor Swanson and Mara Magilvery.  All of the houses have chosen a foundraiser and a sport for each tearm.

by Matthew and Jack

Author Visit

On Friday 30th September an author came in to p6/7 called Barbra Henderson and she talked to us about her books and one of them was called Fir For Luck. She also talked to us about her newest book called Punch and it is not out in the real world yet but we are the first to hear it. We have heard the first chapter of it.  She also choose some of us to act out some of the parts of the story. At the end she gave us all a bookmark and the choices were Punch or Fir For Luck.  I loved acting out one of the parts in Fir For Luck. I learned that one of her books had 37,000 words. We also learned she has writen more that ten book but not all of them are published.  We enjoyed the author coming in and we hope that another author comes in soon.

By Abi and Freya

Skin Care And The Beauty Industry Endeavour

Endeavour is a long term person topic of your own choice that has to be ambitious and is carried out all through the year.

My endeavour was on skin care and the beauty industry. I chose this because of Lush. Lush is a well known brand because it is all organic and doesn’t test on animals and I wanted to be able to know how to look after my skin and make products.

In my endeavour I was able to make my own recipe book, which had recipes I had made. I made products to sell. I made a video on how to make lip balm. I had a poster all about animal testing, I also had research and I had a sway that I added to as my endeavour progressed. I also had my Aunty Bam in for an interview because she use to run Body Shops and knows all about working in the industry.  I also learned about the chemistry behind products.

I had to over come problems when I was learning about allergies. I had to keep on checking if the information was reliable.

This year I definitely improved my time management and I was definitely more organised that I was previous years.

The reasons why my endeavour was ambitious was because I had to learn how to follow recipes, I learn about things I didn’t really know about, I also learnt how to write recipes out. I learnt how to make different products.

I want to say a thanks to everyone who helped me. My Aunty Bam for coming in and helping me. My Gran and Papa for letting me use their computer and my Mum for buying me ingredients.

By Eva Munro

Horse Care And Instructing

My Endeavour was Horse Care and Instructing, through my Endeavour  I achieved how to teach someone to ride, a leaflet on diseases, a model horse that is labelled and a poster about safety and care about horses. I chose this Endeavour because it was challenging on what horse care actually is and what it takes t own a horse and how much it costs.

Endeavour is an independant project we chose to work on from October to June then  we share it with family and friends who want to come to the school and see what we ahve learnd. The P7s also go to the High School to share it there aswell to get to know more people and what they have learned.

The skills I learned through out my Endeavour is to be organised all the time and also to watch my time on stuff. In the video I made I thought about editing and that was a struggle. I lost my video half way through my Endeavour so i had to try find all the videos and edit again so that was a struggle so i learned to keep work on a school computer.

In my Endeavour I learned a lot new things, I learned how important safety actually is and how much is costs to buy a horse. Also how to draw horses much better that I did.

Problems I over came in endeavour are my video where it is and what I made my model horse with but I slowly over came these problems.

I shared my learning in a video and on the endeavour day and also on a poster.

I am thankful for the people who helped me through out my Endeavour. The people who helped me are Mrs Clark with my model horse, Harriet at Ballavicar for letting me use her horses and my sister for helping me edit my video.


Magic Endeavour

When you go into p5/6/7 you do endeavour. Endeavour is a long term project that lasts from December to June. When you do endeavour it has to be something you have never done before and it has to be ambitious. This year my endeavour was magic. My endeavour was ambitious because I doing magic is a really big push and you need to be very patient and I have never done magic before and I wanted to try it out. I chose magic because I have seen my dad going around the house doing his magic and I want to be like him one day. Also I have seen dynamo on the TV and I have always wondered how you do the magic tricks so I decided to give it a go. Throughout this endeavour I have achieved lots of things, developed new skills, I learned new things, I had to overcome problems, get help and then I shared my learning with the rest of the school and some of their parents.

For this endeavour I have achieved lots of things like learning eight tricks, a sway about famous magicians and some from the past, a magic show for the nursery, a poster about different types of magic on them, and I did a magic trick on the laptop and in that movie I was through the monitor reading people’s minds. I also developed new skills throughout endeavour. One of the skills I developed was being patient when learning the tricks because you won’t just learn the trick in a night you will have to be patient and keep on practicing, I also had to manage my time well because sometimes you set yourself to much and you don’t have time to do it all but make sure you set yourself a reasonable amount to do and I had to be organised as well I had to be organised because I had to remember all of my things to learn my magic with.

Also when you do endeavour you will have problem you had to overcome. One of my problems with my endeavour is learning the tricks and getting them perfect, another problem that happened throughout my endeavour was being organised because I mostly forgot all of my magic tricks. When you do your endeavour you write to someone that knows things about your endeavour. This year I wrote to Dynamo and so far he has not sent a letter back. I also got help from my dad he has taught me all of the sneaky trick when you are doing the tricks and he helped me learn the magic tricks. My mum also helped me with the posters and putting on the QR code they have been very helpful.

When everyone has finished their endeavour at the start of June all of our mum’s and dad’s will come in and sees your endeavour and other people’s endeavours. I had lots of things to show at the endeavour fair. At the endeavour fair I thought that my endeavour was good and I think that some people liked that video that I made. Most of family came in to see my endeavour and I think they thought it was a good endeavour fair. I thought that there was a lot of good endeavours there and soon enough I wat to be as good as my dad at magic and as good as dynamo. Some day! Here is a little bit of advice for you don’t do something to difficult, don’t expect yourself to get lots done and do well!

Rowan Morris