My endeavor is dog grooming and I love doing it because I get to be near other dogs. I have groomed lots of dogs here is a few of there names Patch, Sandy, Pippa, Baloo and Imogen.  Shona Isla has groomed lots of dogs. Some times I help tidy up the dogs hair when we are done. The only dog that I have groomed is my dog called Patch because my mum and dad said that I could trim her. I have to have the owners permission before I can trim the dog.

My Endeavour WW2 Aircraft

My Endeavour is on WW2 aircraft where I Research different kinds of WW2 air craft but I also build models. They need special  kinds of glue and paint to build them. The facts I have at the moment are very good and a also have got one model built and I have started a second one right now and I am still getting more facts plus waiting for my response from my letter from the London war museum but I need to build 5 more models and a lot more facts. So yes I might need a bit more time.


My Endevour By Katyn

Welcome to my Endeavor, my Endeavor is British Sign Language. A Endeavor is  where everyone in primary 5/6/7 do an independent project for everyone to participate in . And I have been successful because I know the whole alphabet in BSL also I am learning phrases. I haven’t been successful in making a poster sometimes because I had to bin most of mine but I have one now. Once I started my Endeavor I didn’t know any sign language or anything about it but now I know quite a bit. Because I can spell things in BSL alphabet but it takes a bit to find out I know it sort of by heart.

British Sign Language - Online resources, games, & course.

My Endeavor is Chickens and Hatching Chicks

For my Endeavor I built a little chicken coop for chicks that I hatched.  I built the chicken coop out of wood with nails and mesh. I put a brooder in the coop then I put water in it and food so they won’t die.  I got a box  so they are high up. There is four chicks; 1 boy 3 girls and their names are Chirpy, Cupcake, Wirpy and cheap. I made sways about chickens like what food they eat like grit, oyster shell,  corn laying pelts,  fruit.   Chicks need mushed up chicken food. In their laying boxes they need straw so they can lay nice eggs.  They have now a new home with 2 floors the upstairs in for sleeping and the down stair is for playing and where the food and drink is.  My big chickens have a swing and a ramp.

My Endeavor

For my Endeavor I did natural art that is were you make art from around so If you were in a forest I could get leaves that are different and make something. Most of my art has been with stones.  The first is two stacks of stones that have been placed biggest to smallest  the other is white stones with black slates in shape of circle.

I have also made clay models, two done and one in the making.  The first is a oval with waves in the top on the sides is markings that are like lighting. My second one is a  horn that goes to the right the third is a circle with in the middle. I have wrote a poster on natural art also I have wrote an Endeavor letter to Andrew Goldsworthy and he responded. I have done all of my work before my main Endeavor work is done.


This year for my Endeavor I was doing coding  which was really challenging  because I have never coded before. I learnt how to code a plane, boat and a motorbike to go fast and to shoot rockets at people and I even made a missive track and some jumps on the way. To code the game I use a Xbox 360 and Teddy also does the same endeavor so we work together.   I have completed 3 levels a game for people to play at the endeavor fair.  The 3 levels are a race, a maze and a games were you have to shoot rockets . Me and Teddy have been working really hard  on the game for Friday at the endeavor fair but only p 567 can play due to coronavirus . At the fair I would like to do a contest . The contest will be a race and  who ever wins will get a prize . For the race the people will be using an Xbox 360 controller or a keyboard which is a lot harder than a controller.




My Endeavour by Christopher

My Endeavour is the history of Lego. I have find out how Lego has changed over the years. And how Lego has been one of the most successful company’s in the world.

I have in my Endeavour…

  • Make a sway.
  • built a Lego car at home.
  • built a Lego house in school.
  • started a poster.

I’ve learnt how Lego has changed in its models and in prices and how the company has been passed down to father to son. I wrote to the head of Lego in Denmark and he wrote back to me.

My Endeavor Project By Kayla Gowler

My Endeavor project is the eye, and I have had a lot of fun with it. Here is a list of things I have completed with evidence.

  • Report on sway about eyes, it has loads of facts about the eye and has lots of pictures and diagrams.
  • Letter to my grandpa who is an optometrist here in Islay and in Oban.
  • Set of instructions about keeping glasses and contacts clean.
  • Made a model eye and labeled it on seesaw and painted it
  • I also have done lots of research on glasses and eyes and its very interesting

I have finished almost everything I want completed and am very proud of my work, although I feel I need to hurry and complete the last few things.

My Endeavour by Finlay Addison

Welcome to my Endeavour by Finlay. Endeavour is a project were you learn new skills.   Every year people do cooking, soap, mix wax and candle making and  drawing but I am doing civil engineering. Civil engineering  is a type of engineering. Civil engineering is where you build bridges or tunnels or fences.

What I have achieved

I have achieved to make a Kahoot on civil engineering and making a bridge out of rubber bands and  spagatini and making a sway on civil engineering and making two model bridges out of Kapla. And I made a poster. My favourite part of my Endeavour was when I made my Kahoot and the Kahoot had 5 questions and I had very good fun making my spagatini rubber bands bridge. I learnt how to make model bridges and learnt all about civil engineering  and learnt how to understand civil engineering.


Card Making By Iona

Welcome to my Endeavor. My Endeavor is card making and can be very stressful but also fun at another angle. My dreams may start to come to life if selling cards can lead me somewhere in life. Card making can be done in many different ways like, portrait cards, landscape cards, pop up cards and more! My Endeavor is great and I love it! I hope that other people choose my Endeavor through years to come. I’ve made 37 cards and 5 of them look like this. 

Sometimes when I get pen on my fingers while making and getting cards ready to sell I can get colorful fingerprints all over packaging and cards, it can get really messy. Endeavor is the best thing ever! You get to learn new skills, and you get to work hard to achieve something.

Stay safe, and have a nice day.

By Iona.

Cooking Main Course Meals Endeavour

Endeavour is when everyone chooses something they want to learn more about  or something fun  they enjoy doing. Endeavour is something p5/6/7 do every year and they show there work and cool activities [you don’t have to do activities] they have learned about and think people would enjoy like a quiz’s or a poster. We show our  work by getting a  table and putting our work and learnings on that table and we have a fair and people go around the hall looking at other peoples work.

My Endeavour is cooking main course meals so I am going to put some sort of food on my table for people to try.

During my Endeavour I have done many things at home like cooking, sharing recipes, seeing family members to  teach them more cooking hacks and learning new ones and writing letters. I have also done thing at school like a website, a poster, a long term planner, cooked for the class  and  my swat analysis.

My family have helped me a lot with my Endeavour especially my mum and my granny. Mrs McFarlane has also helped me when I was cooking for the class.

I have made many meals but my favourites was feta cheese and tomato pasta,  vegetable hoisin pork, tomato sausage stew, lady apple homemade burgers and pork chops with a creamy right sauce and vegetables.

My Endevour by Mya

Welcome to my Endeavor. Endeavor is a project that we do every year it helps you learn independently and  learn new skills like some people do how to cook, how to make candles, or making models of planes or people.  For My Endeavor I am  drawing portraits. I hope by doing portraits for my endeavor will help my drawing skills. in the future  I hope to be a  artist . Joshes girlfriend Rhianah is a Artist and she is helping me draw and shade. My favorite things that she taught me is how to draw the nose and its the easiest thing to draw on the face. The hardest thing to draw was the lips because getting the lips the right level is really hard.

My Endeavour

My Endeavour is animation. For my Endeavour I have to make an animation with Lego, I had to plan out my video by making a story board on what was going to happen in my video. I also decided to make a quiz on the history of animation and I made a poster for my table where I will be presenting my Endeavour.


There is all different kinds of animation these are

  • stop motion
  • Traditional animation
  • 2Danimation
  • 3D animation
  • Motion graphics

I chose to make my animation by using stop motion. For stop motion you’ve got to take a photo and then move the object you took the photo of so once you’ve taken about 100 pictures you’ll have about a 1minute video and because the pictures are slightly different each time it looks like the still images are moving.


Corn Snake Endeavor project

My Endeavour is corn snake obstacle course. For my Endeavour I need to make a corn snake obstacle course out of scrap and materials from my house. I also made a  poster for my table where I will be presenting my Endeavour at the Endeavour fair. I have not made my obstacle course for my snake yet but I am going to make it through the week. I have changed a little bit of my Endeavour to painting snake stones. I have achieved my long term planner, SWOT analysis, letter, report and research on corn snakes here is a link that I used. and a photo


Phoenix’s Endeavor Project

What is Endeavor? 

Endeavor is when you pick a project for yourself to do over a certain period of time that we get and in school we do endeavor on a Friday afternoon and sometimes the whole day. 

What is my Endeavor

My endeavor is 2d animation I pick this topic because I have tried it once and I want to do it for a project long term over a couple months.  

What have I done so far

We are almost done with endeavor so I have done mostly done everything. I have done a poster, a quiz, a website and a animation.

What I found challenging in my Endeavor

What I found challenging was It took a lot of time drawing each frame of my animation also when I finished my animation some of my animation I deleted by accident so I had to do that.





My Endeavor Project

My Endeavor is making sculptures out of driftwood. Endeavor is a project you want to learn to do. You get to do Endeavor for four months and at the end of the four months you get to show what you have learnt to people some people get to sell things they made for there Endeavor.

My Endeavor is making lots of things out of driftwood. Driftwood is wood that has been bashed around in the sea for many years then washed up on the shore. I find most of my driftwood at Kilnaughton beach. How I made one of the fishes is I first gathered all the drift wood I need to build the fish. Then I use a hot glue gun to make a sculpture of a fish. Lastly I stick a pebble on the wood for a eye.

The people that helped me is my papa, my auntie Lynn and my Mum. My Papa taught me how to use tools I might need safely.  My auntie Lynn helped me to get a good layout for what I am making and what I should make. My Mum helped me use the hot glue gun and buy all the things I need. By Katie

My Endeavor On The Heart By James

My Endeavor is on the heart. I think that this it a helpful skill to learn because if in future if someone asks your about something about the heart you can straight away answer the question and tell them the information.

This Endeavor, which is my first one, has been quite challenging because it is a whole new skill to learn but there is lots of people who can help me, for example my mum. My mum is a doctor so she knows lots about the heart so she can help my lots with this Endeavor. In my endeavor I made a 3d model of the heart, a report on the heart, a letter to Dr Chris from operation ouch, a poster on the heart and instructions on how to check your heart rate.

Here is a photo of a labeled heart.

Robyn’s Aroma Therapy By Robyn Logan

An Endeavor is a personal project that everyone in the class dose and it links to the world of works, it helps you learn new facts and skills, it has some challenges to it and it is also ambitious.

My Endeavor is about the link from scents in soap and wax melts to Aroma Therapy and relaxation. How I thought my project was ambitious was that I thought that making a business was going to be tricky but it was actually easy.

My Endeavor In One Picture:

The new skills that I was going to learn were: how to double boil wax and not get burned, how to design and create a business and how to get better hand eye coordination for poring wax into molds. By surprise I learned all of those skills and I can now surprisingly double boil something without any help, I can create a business and I can pore lots of wax into tiny little molds.

The people that helped me were:  my mum, my dad, Mrs.  McFarlane and Mrs. Clark.  My mum and my dad helped me at home and Mrs. McFarlane and Mrs. Clark helped me in school and super vised my.

I have completed all of my  tasks that I set from then till now. All I have to do now is present my Endeavor project on Friday 25th June.

Ocean Zones

The first zone is the sunlit zone that’s where you get the most sun which makes it nice and bright. The  sunlit zone is about 200m deep. The animals in the sunlit zone you might find are seals, sea turtles, sharks, sea lion.

The second zone is the Twilight zone The Twilight zone is a bit dark but not the darkest in the ocean. you can get sea animal like lobster, star fish, and angler fish , and you might find octopuses as well.

The third zone is the midnight zone were  there is a giant spider crab, Atlantic wolfish pair, fangtooth fish and six gill shark. There is no light in the midnight zone.  You might get different types of jellyfish which glow up in the water due to bioluminescence.

The next zone is abyssal zone were it is very dark and cold. You get types of fish in the abyssal zone like , spiny fish ,  dragon fish,  and dumbo octopus.

The last zone is the trench zone  and is the deepest part of the ocean and the darkest part of the ocean.   People say that it is the most scariest zone on earth but really it is not that scary. The animal you might see down there are  giant tubeworms and lots of different types of star fish and  eels.

Google Meet With a Marine Biologist

On Monday the 7th, we had a google meet with a marine biologist called Saana and we learnt about all of the things you have to do to be one.

The first thing we learnt about was the engineering involved with it like boats. She told us all about what boats she uses at which time. One of the boats was a wooden yacht that has everything you need to do her job.

The second thing that we learnt was the communication of sea mammals. We learnt that seals clap there flippers to make a “clap” noise and that dolphins jump out of the water to play and sometimes to communicate.

The third thing that we learnt was her career. We asked questions about stuff like ” How long does it take to get a career on marine biology?”  We found out that you need a degree to learn all about it.    We found out she needs to ask good questions and then do research to find the answers.  She works with the navy to check they are not damaging animals with sonar under the water.  Tracking sea mammals is tricky and they have long poles they use to get trackers on the whales.  It sounds like being a marine biologist is really interesting.



Rock Pooling

On the second of June the class went rock pooling and we went with Fiona. She brought nets and buckets we found jellyfish, sea snails, crabs, shrimp and sea slugs.

We found most of the stuff in seaweed so we had to swish the nets in the sea weed or we had to pick the sea weed up and move it to a different place and quickly had to get the animals in the net quick so they would not swim away or crawl away.

We found the crabs, sea slugs and sea slugs in the sea weed and we found the shrimp and the jellyfish in the the open area.  It was very interesting.  The sea hares let out a bright pink ink and they were all laying eggs.  We even found a pink sea spider.


On the 2nd of June we went over the Ard to learn about peatlands with Fiona from the INHT. Every year peat grows 1 millimeter. If it reached 1000 centimeters it would have of been  like the beginning of Stonehenge. There is a special type of moss to help it grow which is called sphagnum moss and they used to use that moss for bandages and nappies because it is like a sponge and it can absorb liquids.

We also looked at all different types of animals, mosses and plants that live in  peat over the Ard.  There was stonewort, lizards, snakes, bog cotton, cuckoo flowers and rashes.


CALMAC is a ferry company and it delivers people from Islay and the main land. CALMAC was clearing  out the shop and very kindly gave us some of their old gifts. We got the CALMAC gifts on Friday. They gave us the gifts because the shop was closing down and it would be easier.  CALMAC ferries are good to deliver the things to places and deliver the people from mainland to  other islands.  Thanks Calmac!


Since space is so big we have not scratch the surface of it in our topic because space is endless and I mean it.

There was a new mars rover sent to mars called Perseverance. Its task was to collect samples from Mars to test if there was life there and it was packed with the first space helicopter. But the Chopper could go at least 10 meters and it would be retrieved by another shuttle and come back to earth in 2032.

Since there will be more space helicopters. I only know of the next one called dragonfly but this one will have four props this time plus will fly longer distance. I estimate 20 or 30 or maybe it might be to heavy and it might fly 10 meters who knows it could even fly 100 meters.

What I am try to say is space is endless we can’t search all of it because it will go on forever.

by Connor

Chicken Cam

My ENDEAYOUR is chicken so I build a chicken coop because I’m hatching chicks four of them hatch.  Today I bring my phone to school to show everyone the chicks. I have a  camera so I can check that they are fine. One of the chicks are 5 days old the other is two is 4 days old. And the other is 3 days old they will be in there coop for around 6 weeks. So having a camera will help to make sure that they are ok.

by Ben

My Joinery Endeavour By William Allan Campbell

This is my Endeavor and it Endeavor is a challenging  project that you know nothing about but at the end of endeavor you’ll know every thing about it.

I chose joinery for my E ndeavor because  I have always wanted to be a joiner because you always are working with wood and that is one of my favorite things to do.

The people that helped me was Mr. Pollock  for the ladybird book and the wood that he sent me. My dad and brother have also helped by showing me how to use the tool and  how to identify the type of wood and how old it is.

So far in my Endeavor I have made a butt joint, lap joint and a miter butt joint. My favorite thing I had built was a copping board but I’m going to build a bird table for my mane project. I have been doing some designs for my bird table and chopping board and hopefully I will get  my bird table soon.

Here is my sway on joints and quiz.

wood work (Edit) Microsoft Forms (


My endeavor is coding . I have been doing scratch and Kodu to make my game. So far I have made level one which is a maze with 3 different parts level 2 is a race were you can use a car a boat or a motorcycle  and level 3 will be a parkour were you will have to use a bike and 1 part will be running. you will have to jump walls swim and ride a bike to the  finish line

A Blog On Civil Engineering

So far on my project  I have made two model bridges and made a sway on civil engineering for every type of bridge in civil engineering and I am hopefully going to be making a bridge out of lollypop sticks with a glue gun. And I am doing this because my dad was a civil engineering person so my dad told me a lot of stuff for different types of stuff to do with civil engineering.



This term we did  Smoke Free Me and we learned why it is a bad thing to smoke. So here are some facts. When smoking for a long period of time you will get addicted another thing is the tar that is (the stuff in the cigarette) sticks on the inside of your throat causing you to cough. The last thing is when the chemicals go right down to your finger tips and makes you have yellow fingers.  So don’t smoke!


My Place Photo Competition

The My Place Photo Competition is where you go around your village and take a picture of something. This happens every year and each year, there is a different theme. This years theme is Climate Change which means that your picture has to include something that is caused by Climate Change and something that is man made. I found this very interesting because we got to walk around the village. My photo was of rusty chains and I called it Climate Chains.

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