Farming Endeavour by Ben

On Friday it was the endeavour fair we got all are stuff and showed it we needed to make a poster and a wed site and kahoot and if wanted you could do a sway for my endeavour I  done farming so I made a website and a kahoot and  model farm with a barely field  and hay field then a old ruin shed and a cow pasture sheep and horse field  then a chicken coop and a forsty bit.

My Architecture Endeavour

For my architecture Endeavour I made a model house I had to learn how to draw to scale. I made a Lego house and drew the elevations and a plan view I drew the elevations to a one to one scale and drew the plan at one to two scale and 1 to one scale. I also got the elevations of my house I cut them out and stuck them onto card to make the model with. I also mad a sway a website and a Kahoot for people to play.

To make my model house I got he house plans I cut them out and stuck them on card then cut the card and stuck it to together in the shape of my house. I made the sway and website on glow with google sites and Microsoft sway.


An endeavor is a project that you choose every year. Everyone does it and picks a subject to do with the world of work. You have to pick something new to learn. You have six months to finish it. Then there is an endeavor fair on 26th of June.

My endeavor is a beautician. A beautician is were you do facials, hair, makeup and nails. I mostly did facials and makeup. This is one of the ways to relax and be calm. My project was hard because there is so much more to a beautician than you think. It’s not just to make you all pretty it’s a way of mindfulness and can really relax you.

I learnt so much from this project. Before I had no clue how to do a facial. Now I know all the steps to facial. I also thought that facial and massages were just for fun but it’s actually so good for your mental health

Over all this was a really fun experience I have leant so much. It will really help me if I want to become a beautician. There is so much cool facts I learnt at Megan’s as well. Like when you are doing a facial you have to always keep your hands on the persons face.

This is my website that I made:

My Music Writing Endeavor

This year I did a music writing Endeavor I wrote two sheets of music. I also did a website that is just bellow.

This is my song:

Verse 1

The Beast of the Oa

Is bounding through the snow

Running like a lizard,

Faster than a blizzard,

A heart made of solid ice.

Running like she wants to

Running like she’s supposed to

Running like a rocket

Faster than a hurricane



It’s proud to prowl

but it’ll wait until the night to howl

It’s the beast of the Oa

And every night it will prowl across the Oa

It’s black and it’s hairy

And it’s also kinda scary

It barks and it growls and it also sometimes howls

And it knows, to never go slow

That’s cause it is, the BEAST OF THE OA


Verse 2

The Beast of the Oa

She knows not to oo go slow

Running across be ee chs

And over the seas

She knows every nook and cranny of the isles coast

Eating every thing

Crashing through the waves

Speeding past the bays

Never to betray



It’s proud to prowl

but it’ll wait until the night to howl

It’s the beast of the Oa

And every night it will prowl across the Oa

It’s black and it’s hairy

And it’s also kinda scary

It barks and it growls and it also sometimes howls

And it knows, to never go slow

That’s cause it is, the BEAST OF THE OA

Iona’s French Baking Endeavour

My Endeavour is about French baking and I was able to make pate sablee, profiteroles, Praline Lyon de Tart and strawberry and apple shortcrust pie to sell at the Endeavour fair. I made a poster to put up on my board, I did a Endeavour report and I made a recipe book with everything I made in it. My favourite recipe was probably Praline Lyon de Tart, it was very good for desert and I loved to make it because of how fun the process was.  I also wrote some letters to some French bakeries and a famous French baker. I loved my Endeavour and I mainly wanted to do French baking because I love baking and France as I go to France every year.


My Endeavour WW2 Aircraft

My Endeavour is on WW2 aircraft where I Research different kinds of WW2 air craft but I also build models. They need special  kinds of glue and paint to build them. The facts I have at the moment are very good and a also have got one model built and I have started a second one right now and I am still getting more facts plus waiting for my response from my letter from the London war museum but I need to build 5 more models and a lot more facts. So yes I might need a bit more time.


Robyn’s Aroma Therapy By Robyn Logan

An Endeavor is a personal project that everyone in the class dose and it links to the world of works, it helps you learn new facts and skills, it has some challenges to it and it is also ambitious.

My Endeavor is about the link from scents in soap and wax melts to Aroma Therapy and relaxation. How I thought my project was ambitious was that I thought that making a business was going to be tricky but it was actually easy.

My Endeavor In One Picture:

The new skills that I was going to learn were: how to double boil wax and not get burned, how to design and create a business and how to get better hand eye coordination for poring wax into molds. By surprise I learned all of those skills and I can now surprisingly double boil something without any help, I can create a business and I can pore lots of wax into tiny little molds.

The people that helped me were:  my mum, my dad, Mrs.  McFarlane and Mrs. Clark.  My mum and my dad helped me at home and Mrs. McFarlane and Mrs. Clark helped me in school and super vised my.

I have completed all of my  tasks that I set from then till now. All I have to do now is present my Endeavor project on Friday 25th June.

Drew’s Magic Maths Endeavour

For my Endeavour I am doing magic maths and I’ve been doing it since the start of the year. Endeavour is something that you learn and it will help you in adult life and you do it for half a year.  I  inspired myself to research magic maths.  In my endeavour I wrote a letter to Dr Mark Biddiss and then he replied with a letter and  sent some of his books for me.  Also, everyone got one of the books, but I had more books, so I could do more tricks. Then I needed to learn his tricks off by heart, which was quite hard. After that I started making  an i Movie , filming all of my tricks I would have learned but there were one or two filming  troubles, including weather conditions.  I performed   my tricks for some people  in my school and most people enjoyed it. I managed to film these tricks. I am also planning to do a magic maths show near the end of term to perform the  tricks I have mastered.   I feel that studying magic maths could be useful in adult life for showing people what the tricks are and they’ll help you with things.  I have tried to fit a lot of stuff in with the time I had. I am already looking towards next year’s endeavour, but right now I need to concentrate on my current endeavour.

My Animation Endevour Alexander

My endeavour is about animation and I have been making stop motion videos with plasticine and rubber toys.   At first I didn’t really know what I was doing for example I couldn’t keep the camera still and that I didn’t really have a story Idea. I improved defiantly with timing and other things. I thought that animation was too much of a challenge but it wasn’t but, it was a good choice definitely. I have REALLY enjoyed endeavour this year I would almost say it is even more fun than last year

Bread around the World

My Endeavour is bread around the world and I have achieved one of my posters which has the history of bread on it and my other poster about facts about bread. I have also done a book creator about all the bread that I have done and made. I was inspired by my dad and my Uncle Chris because my dad is always making sourdough for the house and my Uncle Chris is a chef and really good at bread. I wrote a letter to Paul Hollywood to get information on the best bread to make and top tips on kneading but sadly he never replied.I have made all sorts of bread such as Foccacia which is Mediterranean and Islay garlic butter baguettes which is from Islay.

Scott’s Endeavour

My endeavour is all about world geography. I wanted to do this endeavour because I researched mountains last year,  I thought it was kind of similar but would challenge me more and I also chose this because I am interested in the world.

First for my endeavour, I started to make a book using  the  Book Creator app.  I chose at least two countries from each continent and I identified the president or the prime minister from each country. The next thing I did was to trace the world map and draw on countries. The third thing I did was I got a quiz off the internet and I am using that for my digital task. I also wrote a letter to a high school geography teacher to see if I could get any information I would need for my endeavour but I did not receive a reply. It was a hard start for me. So far I have finished my book creator and my quiz and I am almost finished my map. All I have to do is colour it in.

From the start, I have been following my endeavour plan carefully. The only things I need to do now are colour in my map, check over my work and set up everything up for the endeavour fair.

One interesting fact I found out is that Argentina’s real name is Argentine Republic.

At the start of endeavour I took a quiz and I had to name as many countries as I could and I could only get fourteen but now I can identify over thirty or forty so I am proud of myself for learning all of these countries. I have improved my knowledge of more countries in the world.

By Scott







Caitidh’s Endeavour

My endeavour is making a business selling items made of  Polymer Clay.I thought of this because I was inspired by my mum as who used to make and sell pens and key rings to her friends .To make my business successful I thought of using polymer clay because it is cheap and easy to work with.With the polymer clay I have made sea themed items including pens, magnets and octopus key ring.For my digital skill, I have used  Book Creator,gathering  pictures of me making my key rings ,pen and magnets.

 I also sent a letter to a person who own a business called the Celtic craft shop.The main thing I needed advice on was  pricing because that is really important because you need to know about profit. For example, when you have made like a pen, I would have to sand it then put a coat of glaze on it to protect it . I would need to work out how much all of this cost and to make sure I was charging more than the cost of my materials and time.

Before any of this I had to do a survey to see what people wanted and what they would buy.On endeavor day I am going to lay out some designs and some clay and get people to try and make them as good as they can.The most important thing I have completed is my business plan.Business plans are very important because they are telling you what you have planned to do and when you have to do it.

In this endeavour I have learned many skills, some of them are digital skills which is my book creator. Another one of my skills I have learned is time management. Everything I will be making is going to be sold at the endeavour fair.I have learned a lot from this endeavour this year.The only thing I need to do now is to attach the key rings on to the octopuses then I am ready for the endeavour fair.

By CaitidhImage result for polymer clay octopus keyrings

Orla’s Endeavour!

Hi, my name is Orla and my endeavour this year is interior design. Interior design is when someone or multiple people design a space to the customers standards and its a way of expressing art. I chose this topic because I like decorating or making things because I’m very interested in art and when I’m older I would love to be an interior designer. So far I have done 1 mood board, 1 room design ( on paper ), a power point about interior design and have upcycled an old table of my parents. I still have to finish gluing tiles on coasters, draw another room design and make a 3d model of a room design. I enjoy doing interior design because its a way for me to express my sense in art, colour and show how creative I can be. What I find challenging about my endeavour is time management, because when I was making my table it probably took me about 4-5 endeavour sessions and along with having to paint it at home. At the start of my endeavour I wrote to a famous or well known interior designer named Kelly hoppen, sadly she did not reply, then I decided to write to another interior designer called Jo Hamilton and again did not get a reply so that made it a little harder because I had questions that didn’t get answered. Besides all that I would like to hope that the endeavour fair for me goes good.

Orla Campbell, P6, Endeavour Blog 2019.

Millie’s endeavor

My endeavor is sea life. I was inspired to research sea life because  my dad used to be a fisherman but still goes fishing. I thought he could help me if I chose this topic. I also wanted to do sea life because last year I researched whales and dolphins and wanted to learn even more about the ocean. The first thing I did was research how to set up and aquarium and got lots of information. My goal by the end was to have a working aquarium with sea creatures. Everyone wrote a letter to someone about there endeavor I wrote to Fiona McGillivary and I asked her some questions. I wrote to her because see works at the sea life centre in Port Charlotte. So far I have an i-movie,poster,fact file and I am making a wee game were you have to guess the names of the shells for the endeavor fair. In my aquarium I am thinking of having just some crabs , including hermit crabs. My aquarium is 29 litres which is not that big so can have only a few sea creatures in the tank. I can only have a few because if I have lots it will get hot quickly and the sea creatures may die. My i-movie is a few minutes long, showing how you set up an aquarium and where to get all the best sea creatures. My fact file is all the basic things you need for an aquarium. My poster shows my aquarium and what it will look like.The only thing I have left to do is my game and set up my stall. The endeavor fair is on Friday the 14th of June.

Evie’s Endeavour

My endeavour is Ancient Egypt. I have completed my poster. I have also completed a cardboard pyramid, Tutankhamun mask ,cnopic gars and a mummy. I would like to complete my fact book and my Egypt flag. I would also like to complete panting my cnopic gars that are at school. This Thursday I want to complete my cnopic gars and some blogs. I would like to complete my fact book.  next week I will try to complete half of my stuff then I will do the rest at home so that I am ready for the Endeavour fair. I think that I will be organised for the Endeavour and I think it will go well. In the week end I am going to make some flat bread and that is what the Egyptians use to eat and I will bring it into school and let some students and teachers try the bread. Me and my mum are in the middle if making a cover of Egyptians paper out of paper mache then I will let it dry and write a pretend letter for Tutankhamun.

Mara’s Endeavour Blog-Writing a Book

My Endeavour is about Writing a story, for people to read. I have created this story mainly for little kids, but anyone can read it if they want. So far I am close to completing my story, I have an art book for my story; I have 1 drawing of a Hermit Crab, I am planning top add more. However I also have a writing jotter for my Endeavour so I can write at home, and when I’m in school I can add it in; I have done this a few times. Currently I am planning on having a feed back sheet, after somebody has read my book. The feed back sheet is for me to know what I could change, and what I did well. Letter; I also wrote a letter to David Walliams agent, for David Walliam to see, I thought that I wouldn’t get a reply but I did, I had a letter sent to me From David Walliams!

The Science and History Behind Ardbeg Distillery

This year for my Endeavour I am doing The science and history behind Ardbeg Distillery.  So far I have made an I-movie I have also made a blog and I have started my posters and they are almost finished.   At the start of this project we all wrote letters to a certain person or people.  This year I wrote to Mickey/ Michael Heads to ask him for help with my project.  This year I got a reply for Mickey heads and he gave me lots and lots of facts about the distillery.  I have used the facts that I got from my letter and put it into my blog I also used some of it in my I-movie.  I think that I will need a few more Endeavour sessions to finish my whole project.





For my Endeavor I decided to do electronics because I wondered how they work.  I have done was created 3 circuits the energy storage, led light with sensor and led light with switch. I have made a poster and a sign and I have learnt so much from doing endeavor. I have really enjoyed doing electronics this year. I’ve learned how to use a soldering iron and I got better at it so I don’t burn the circuit board or myself and I have been getting better better at electronics.


My Endeavour is my family tree. Altogether I have done Ancestry,G suite site,brought in photos and wrote a letter but did not get a reply but I still have to do my sway. I think I have  not done enough because I haven’t done enough because I haven’t started my sway.I have completed my planner And also have found out the definition of genealogy it means a study of someones ancestries or histories. I have completed my tree on two bits of A3 paper one is my nans side and one is my grandads side.

Genealogy Website Explores Sale - Recode


Biomedical Engineering

For my Endeavour I am doing biomedical engineering. I chose to do biomedical engineering because this year the school have been entering loads of competitions to do with engineering and throught this project I have took a great interest in Biomedical engineering. I also wanted to do biomedical engineering because I always love to watch the paralympics.  I made a hydraulic robotic hand that could lift things.



Latin Endeavour


For my Endeavour this year I decided to do Latin! I decided to do Latin because I find it interesting that a lot of words we still use today come from Latin, I wanted to find out why we don’t use Latin and how some words from Latin sound similar to English words and some don’t. I am happy that I chose Latin because it was very interesting learning how to pronounce words and it was cool how I thought I didn’t know any Latin but after some research I found that I already knew a lot of Latin.

Mechanical Engineering Endeavour By Taylor

This year for my endeavour I have picked to do mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering I like to play forza which is a car based game where you can buy and sell cars and drive around on a map with other players. I have also been really interested in cars and engines since I have been young but have never went into any detail with learning about them.  Endeavour is a long-term project that lets people choose there own thing to do and learn about what they have chose. It also lets people to learn about things that they like and maybe don’t know to much about and want to learn more but also you can do completely new things to you and learn about that.When we do endeavor it can help with life after school as well as you might want to get a job or start up your own business and if you maybe did an endeavour on that you will be able to have maybe more experience to start of with.


For my endeavour i have made a Haynes model engine which has a electric motor on the back which turns the pistons and then turns the crankshaft and then the sparks the sparkplug. I also made a sway on all types of different types of engine like v4,v6,v8,v2,v10,v12 and more.

The skills I used endeavour so far is ICT, time management and being organised. I have came over one problem I was doing my model engine I ended up putting the base on the wrong way and I had to take everything of and put it on the right way.

Charlie’s Baking Endeavour

This year for my Endeavour I have been baking cakes and tray bakes. So far I have written a blog and I have made balance sheets for the cakes that i have sold in the last few months. Endeavour is a long term project that we do every year. Every year we choose something that is challenging and not something that we have done already or too easy. In baking i had to overcome a lot of problems because i forgot to add some of the ingredients into the mixture.



My HTML Endeavour

For my Endeavour I am doing HTML/JAVA coding. I am making a webpage and I am going to use the website CodeCademy to help me. I have completed a planner covering what I will achieve in a certain space of time and answered questions like: how is this project ambitious and how this Endeavour will help me with my world of work. I have written a letter to a creator of a coding boot camp however I don’t know what I am going to do on my webpage. I am hoping that I get a reply for my letter and that it can help me with my Endeavour.


This year for endeavour i decided to do healthy diets and keeping active, i chose this endeavour because i wanted to improve my health and activeness and inspire others to keep healthy as their has been a huge increase in the amount of obesity in the world and i wanted to try and do something about it, So i have been doing an endeavour on it. So far i have been working mainly on healthy eating more than keeping active because i feel as though eating more healthily will improve to help others more efficiently than keeping active. so far my main achievements are making m=my milkshakes an how to make milkshakes i movie. my favourite milkshake recipe is called purple gem fruit. i like it the most because it has a twist with the berries that gives the drink an extra flavor, also because its purple and that my favourite color. Soon the endeavour fair will be on and the following i would have completed on my table: healthy testers (drinks,snacks) research on activeness/healthiness, Imovie, power-point, posters, G suite, question sheet activity to test others knowledge. If i was to change one thing about the way i have did my endeavour would be to focus on both active and diets equally instead of just mainly focusing on one.

Crocheting Endeavour

This year for my Endeavour I have chosen something that I really like. Crocheting. I really enjoy this Endeavour.

I hope to achieve a blanket, a hat, scarf, granny squares and some little things. So far I have made some squares for my blanket, my scarf, I have made lots of granny squares, a flower, a heart, a very long chain and a coaster. To make all of these there are different stitches of crochet you have to learn. These are some examples of those stitches. Chain stitch which you learn at the start, then you could learn the double crochet which I used to do the squares for my blanket. There is also treble crochet which I used for my scarf and half treble crochet for my hat. There is also single crochet which I used for my finger puppets.  I am really enjoying my Endeavour this year and I have learned lots from the project like how to crochet, to be patient, to be fiddly with my hands and to be ambitious. I have asked my questions and answered my questions. I have learned a lot from this project and when I am finished with it I will still crochet things.


Twirl Crochet Flower by RoseAlida | Crocheting Pattern

Bullying Movie

My endeavour is making an I-movie about bullying. I wrote a letter to Chris Columbus the director of Harry Potter, he didn’t reply I think he is too busy. I wrote to Chris Columbus because I am inspired by the way he edits movies and how he creates them. I am also currently making a G-suite, it is going very well. I have also finished recording my I-movie, I am now in the middle of editing the I-Movie. I have also finished my planner.



Islay Walks

For my Endeavour I am doing Islay walks, so far I have walked to: Waterfall Bay, Ben Solum, the Leache, Killeyan and Cliftons Hill. In this Endevour I hope to also walk to the American monument, Ben Vicar, Solum/ Plague Village and Soldiers Rock. For my Endeavour I have made a blog, a Gsuite, I have planned a Walk to Soldiers Rock, I have taken photos of the places I’ve been and I’ve learnt how to read a map. By the End of this Endeavour I hope to Have finished my blog, made a photo-album and finish my research.

In this Endeavour I have learnt how to read a compass and a map, I have learnt how to make a blog on glow and a website on glow. I’ve learnt how to plan a walk and I’ve learnt how to manage my time more successfully.

Art Styles

My Endeavour  is art  and I’m basing my art on Andy Warhol, Bansky and Keith Harings.

My aims are:

  • to evaluate and improve my work as I go along
  • to organise resources and manage deadlines.

In February I finished  of my planning , then  wrote my letter to Miss Roberts, the art teacher in Islay High School  and also started my research.

In March I looked at Pop Art, Graffiti Art, Modern Art and a little bit of perspective drawing.  I tried to copy these styles of art to understand the process.  I had planned to see the art teacher this month but did not achieve this.

By the end of my Project I hope  to improve my art skills and put on a mini exhibition for the Endeavour Fair in June.

I have done 3 pieces of art so far for my exhibition.

Animation Endeavour

I am doing an endeavour about clay animation. Right now I am making an animation about a volcano eruption because of global warming. I just have to animate it now and do the volcano eruption. But it is quite hard because I have to move the volcano and take pictures, it is hard because I forget where I took the pictures and it makes the animations bad sometimes so I need something to put it on so I can make the captions right. The reason I picked this endeavour is because animation is fun and I haven’t  really done much with clay so I thought it would be fun!

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