Hi, my Endeavour is healthy tuck which is learning how to make healthy food and what healthy food is. In the end of Endeavour I would like know how to know different recipes off by heart.

Healthy baking is when you do your normal baking but adding some health to it to make it healthy. Maybe put a piece of fruit into it. For example, banana muffins, it’s making normal bread but mushing bananas and adding them in.

I am raising money for breakfast club which is a club that starts at 8:30 every Wednesday, anyone in school can come. We get all different things like toast, cereal, scrambled eggs on toast and sometimes even waffles!


My Endeavour is dog care which is basically like finding out about how to look after dogs and researching how to train your dogs different tricks like sit, paw and lie down. I found out that you can make dog treats with just peanut butter, water, flour and eggs. I researched different dog behavior because it is important to know how your dog is feeling because they can sometimes be nervous or scared. Here are some dog behaviors.

  • Putting there ears back: When dogs put there ears back it often means they are guilty and know they are getting in trouble or it can mean they are happy and excited.
  • When they pee on the floor: When dogs pee on the floor it either will be an excited pee or a nervous pee or it could just be that they aren’t house trained.
  • Tail wagging: A loose, floppy tail means they are excited but a tense, slow one means they are angry and in attacking mode.
  • Barking: When a dog barks it can mean fear and pain but it can also mean they want more attention.
  • Putting there paw on your leg: If you sit down and your dog come up to you, sits down and put its paw on you leg then that means it wants your attention so you give it attention.

At the end of my Endeavour I hope to have made a dog training video and have remembered how to train a dog off by heart and know how to look after a dog correctly.


Beach Grove Garden

For my Endeavour project I chose veggie gardening. So part of my project was to email someone to help with top tips so I decided to email Beach Grove Garden not expecting to get a reply.  Imagine my surprise when I went on my emails to check for a  reply and found a massive email with lots of hints and tips and recommendations for books. So I emailed back saying thank you and added a few pictures of me on my veggie garden and lots of other things.  I waited for another reply and I got one asking to be on there next episode so I have been emailing Beach Grove with updates on my garden every time I do something on it.


This year p6/7 are going to be doing an Endeavour project.  An Endeavour project is when you chose a topic that your interested in and do a longer version of a personal topic on it.  You have from October till the end of June to complete it.  Last year everyone picked something slightly different and worked to aim their personal goal everyday.

The different projects in our class are Cooking food from around the world, Japan, Sewing a quilt, Survival skills, Chicken farm, Celebration cakes, Volcanoes, Beauty therapy, Horse riding instructor, Writing a book, Climate change, Growing Vegetables, Puppets, Video games, Fitness and diet, Traditional singing and Exploration survival.

Everyday you have to fill out  record sheet to record everything you’ve done and everything you need to do.

By Maisie

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