Skin Care And The Beauty Industry Endeavour

Endeavour is a long term person topic of your own choice that has to be ambitious and is carried out all through the year.

My endeavour was on skin care and the beauty industry. I chose this because of Lush. Lush is a well known brand because it is all organic and doesn’t test on animals and I wanted to be able to know how to look after my skin and make products.

In my endeavour I was able to make my own recipe book, which had recipes I had made. I made products to sell. I made a video on how to make lip balm. I had a poster all about animal testing, I also had research and I had a sway that I added to as my endeavour progressed. I also had my Aunty Bam in for an interview because she use to run Body Shops and knows all about working in the industry.  I also learned about the chemistry behind products.

I had to over come problems when I was learning about allergies. I had to keep on checking if the information was reliable.

This year I definitely improved my time management and I was definitely more organised that I was previous years.

The reasons why my endeavour was ambitious was because I had to learn how to follow recipes, I learn about things I didn’t really know about, I also learnt how to write recipes out. I learnt how to make different products.

I want to say a thanks to everyone who helped me. My Aunty Bam for coming in and helping me. My Gran and Papa for letting me use their computer and my Mum for buying me ingredients.

By Eva Munro

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