Ocean Zones

The first zone is the sunlit zone that’s where you get the most sun which makes it nice and bright. The  sunlit zone is about 200m deep. The animals in the sunlit zone you might find are seals, sea turtles, sharks, sea lion.

The second zone is the Twilight zone The Twilight zone is a bit dark but not the darkest in the ocean. you can get sea animal like lobster, star fish, and angler fish , and you might find octopuses as well.

The third zone is the midnight zone were  there is a giant spider crab, Atlantic wolfish pair, fangtooth fish and six gill shark. There is no light in the midnight zone.  You might get different types of jellyfish which glow up in the water due to bioluminescence.

The next zone is abyssal zone were it is very dark and cold. You get types of fish in the abyssal zone like , spiny fish ,  dragon fish,  and dumbo octopus.

The last zone is the trench zone  and is the deepest part of the ocean and the darkest part of the ocean.   People say that it is the most scariest zone on earth but really it is not that scary. The animal you might see down there are  giant tubeworms and lots of different types of star fish and  eels.

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