Our School Clubs!

Port Ellen Primary School has a thing when the p6/7 get taught by Victoria Renwick about Young Sport Leaderships,That means we get trained to run are own club in school for any age group.This term we are running different types of clubs some are sports related and others are more indoors.Listed below this they’re are clubs that we are running this term.

Monday-Creativity club is run by Caitidh,Orla and Morgan.

Tuesday-Coding club is run by Katyn,Kayla,Phoenix and Evie.

Wednesday-HIT club is run by Braeden and Drew.

Thursday-Cross country club is run by ,Christopher,Scott,Dearbhla Rhuraidh,Aiden and Dylan.

Friday-Dance club is run by Charlet,Millie,Harmoni and Robyn.

Those were all are clubs and we hope all the children like them.



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