Our Science Day!

On the 12th of March Port Ellen Primary School had a science day,when parents could come into school to what we have been learning in STEAM. STEAM stands for science,Technology,Engineering,Arts and Math’s.In the p7 class we had programmed Microbits to solve a problem in Islay. We also had a experiment table were you separate ingredients from a mixture using sieving and more.In the hall downstairs we had Kapla and this group had made a massive tower but then it fell over.Then in the lunch hall bit we had dash and spheros and programmed then to draw and play games.The reason we held this science day was to let parents and children to test out are new STEAM room and to play around with all of are new science equipment.One of the really interesting things was the merge cubes that you could scan and make it do things on a app.

World Book Day

This is my favourite book, Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree by Andy Stanton.  One of my tasks I had to do was draw a picture of your favorite event that happened in the book and mine was when everyone surrounded the cherry tree at night and goblins circle around the tree and sang a song to Mr Gum.

If I was to rate this book I would give it a 5/5 stars.

By Caitidh

Our School Clubs!

Port Ellen Primary School has a thing when the p6/7 get taught by Victoria Renwick about Young Sport Leaderships,That means we get trained to run are own club in school for any age group.This term we are running different types of clubs some are sports related and others are more indoors.Listed below this they’re are clubs that we are running this term.

Monday-Creativity club is run by Caitidh,Orla and Morgan.

Tuesday-Coding club is run by Katyn,Kayla,Phoenix and Evie.

Wednesday-HIT club is run by Braeden and Drew.

Thursday-Cross country club is run by ,Christopher,Scott,Dearbhla Rhuraidh,Aiden and Dylan.

Friday-Dance club is run by Charlet,Millie,Harmoni and Robyn.

Those were all are clubs and we hope all the children like them.



Robin & the Sherwood Hoodies

The Perfect Panto
On 12th of December Port Ellen Primary School put together a fabulous pantomime called “Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies,” I had overheard in the co-op from an old lady that the panto was absolutely amazing she had never laughed so much. The panto was fully packed and we sold out instantly the director of this panto was are P6/7 teacher Mrs. Clark.

P6/7 were the main actors of the panto but it included the whole school.Are main person taking lead role was Harmoni as Robin Hood.The people on stage like to include the audience we had many scenes when we did things to the audience for example,we threw a bucket of confetti on them. Personally I thought that the panto was amazing everyone put so much effort and they were happy and cheery the whole way through.


Caitidh-Gloria Gutrencher(This is me)

Elena-Genghis(My evil assistant)

The acting

The acting was on point every one was always doing something on stage either saying their lines or reacting to what people where saying. It wasn’t just acting it was also the singing and dancing.Most people said it was fine when the curtain was closed but when it  opened and saw the crowed they’re heart started pounding.

The Design

The costumes were absolutely beautiful and I cant miss out on the scenery,There was a dungeon/castle which I had helped out on making it and then there was the forest with amazing green glitter all over it.


When it finished so many people started to say to us that it was the best panto that they had ever seen and loads of people congratulated us. Personally I thought it was the best panto I have ever done.

By Caitidh

The Mod 2019

On 14th of October in Port Ellen primary school and Bowmore primary went to the mod as a joint choir.In the morning poems and solos were held in the City Glasgow Collage.Out of the choir Chalet and Dearbhla got first in duets,and Finaly got second on his solo.Also Charlet got third for her solo and her poem.

Port Ellen almost won all of they’re songs except one song were another choir bet them by one mark. They sang five songs and won four. At the Mod they sang two to part songs were there is some people singing high and some singing low,Also knowen as alto and soprano The other three we all sang in the same notes. two songs were prescribed and one we chose are other song.

That same day later on they got filmed and were on TV. On TV they sang four songs.The next day they went bowling then after that went home went back to Islay on the boat.

By Caitidh


Dunyvaig Dig

On Tuesday 27th of August the whole school went to Dunyvaig to contribute in a archaeology dig .  A kind lady called Sophie was are tour guide showing us all the stations, for some stations examples there was a digging in the trench, photography and looking at findings and lots more.

Personally I think that everyone loved the digging the most because the pride of finding some thing is just amazing but it was probably because we got to get dirty on a school day! But when I was digging I was the only one who found something from p6/7 and I found a broken part off a clay pigeon. When we were at the photography station we got to use a professional camera and are group made silly videos and I videoed it because I don’t like cameras.

But the last thing my group did was my favorite we got to hold and see all the artifacts from last year and this year.  My favorite thing was the half a cannon ball they thought that it was from a attack when clan Donald attacked Dunyvaig.  And another cool thing from last year was a stamp with a name and date on it.  And their most recent find was a broach from the 17th century.  Then sadly the day had to end.

By Caitidh

Heart Start!

Today at school a lady came  for P6/7 to teach us about heart start.  When we all walked in to the hall we were all confused when we saw all the dummies. Once we had got all the mats out on the floor, the lady got Mr Shakespeare to be a  demonstration.  After that she put a video on about what to do if someone is unconscious but are still breathing. After the video we got a partner to practise the recovery position on, Millie was my partner. We also watched a video on if someone unconscious ,or bleeding, having a heart attack or choking.   For the choking one we all got a dummy each. Once we got the dummies we all named them me and Millie called ours Jeffrey and we had to press them with the heel of our hands and do abdominal thrusts. Then the lady told us that we had to do mouth to mouth and  you should of seen everyone’s faces !  The first person to do it was Ellen .Then Millie’s mouth was too small. I finally I got Millie to do it. Once we got up stairs we got a certificate.  I am glad I know how to help someone in an emergency!

By Caitidh

Review on Annie the Musical By Islay High School

On Wednesday I went to see Annie at Islay High School.  The director of it was Mr Weatherhogg, who also played the piano for some of the songs.  The main charater was Annie who was played by Katie Mactaggart; she must have been very brave because she had to sing by herself.   By far the best song was It’s a hard knock life.

Annie(Kaite Mactaggart)is an orphan who’s been searching for her parents for 11 years.  But she can’t do much because of Mrs Hannagin who dosen`t  let them out.  But one day she escapes in the laundry.  I wasn’t exited to go because I don’t usually like musicals, but I loved it because it turned out to be funny.  Then she meets a billionaire called Mr Warbucks played by Lewis Davey.  He was a really good actor.

In the play Liam,Kai and Nick did the backround with the prejector.  I was amazed how quick they changed the scenes.  My favourite scene was when they were in the mansion with Mr Warbucks.  They must have had to practice a lot to get the timing so perfect.

So I would definitely buy tickets if I was you; it is a great play, also anyone could watch it.  If you are having a bad day just watch it.  Katie Mactaggart was brillant . I enjoyed it so you probly will.

By Caitidh


Guide’s Night

On Monday 3rd in the Ramsey Hall everyone came for guides.  When we were all there we all started by sorting the tables ready to start.  Then the fun began!  Most of us were very silly and just had fun and we got told what we were going to do.  Me, Kaya and Hannah painted little and big toilet roll tubes, which is going to be stuck on to a long brown tube and it will be a christmas tree.  The christmas tree was for the Christingle at the church.  Everyone was joking around and having a great night.  After that we started to tape all the tubes we painted and stuck them on the brown tube.  But you wouldn’t believe what happend when we put the last one on, it fell over and we had to restart!  Afterthat we had to start tidying up and this is when the fun came, we started to paint each other with the paint brushes.  Sadly after something exiting happens it soon has to come to a end.

By Caitidh

Halloween Disco!

On Wednesday 31st of October Port Ellen Primary School had a Halloween Disco.  The pre5 had their disco in the morning and the older ones had theirs in the afternoon.  When everyone finished their lunch we all started to get dressed.

The hall was all decorated like a spooky house.  Always the very first thing we do is the best dressed competition.  In p6 Dearbhla won and in p7 Mara won and everyone who won got a bag of creepy Halloween sweets.  After that we had a game of corners; the choices were bats,witches,ghosts and skeletons.  Then we played some classic games like musical statues and more.  Finally the last thing we did was a dance competition.  At last it was time to eat we all went straight to the Halloween cakes when we finished are food and drinks we got took out class by class to go dunking for apples. Sadly all that came to a end and we had to go home but the happily thing was the after dinner we going out for Halloween!

Mr Stink Book Review

This term our reading group was reading the book Mr Stink.  The author is called David Walliams and his style of writing the book was a comedy.  He also use a lot of change of text for different scenes.    The author doesn’t have a lot of pictures.  I think that because maybe he wants you to imagine it yourself.  I found the book very entertaining but I think it would be even better with a little bit of drama.  I really liked reading this book,   Because the chapter when Mr Stink got invited to the prime mister in the city was very funny and also it was very serious. The prime minster invited him because on the show everyone loved him and want him to be the political party member.When they were there Chloe didnt like the prime minster then…   Chloe decided to tell said a rude joke which got them kicked out but they were still happy  .I loved the style he use. It was entertaining and I never got bored reading it.  I would read it again and I would give it a 5 out of 5.  Also I would advise other people to read it.

By Caititdh

Lord George Robertson

Our class p6/7 are doing a topic about elections.  For our topic we had a visitor come to are school called Lord George Robertson.  George Robertson was an MP who is now in the House of Lords in London.  He told us what it is like to be a MP and we had asked him many questions for example; we had asked had him did you always want to be a MP.   He said “I was always a person with my own opinion”. We told him that we were doing a election topic and he gave all of are parties some advice.  George wanted to be a MP because where he lived there was nuclear navel ships showing up so they all protested to get them moved.  We had learned a lot about Politicians and MP’s we used all the key facts he told us and used it for are party presentation.  It was a really interesting day!

Wind Turbines Trip

On Monday 15th P4/5 went on a school to see the wind turbine at Castlehill. Before we left for the bus Mr Dean showed us a PowerPoint about wind turbines and how to build them. When we were at Castlehill it started to rain, everyone had to go in to the bus for shelter except from the first group that went in the turbine. We went into groups of five into the turbine. In our group was Caitidh, Christopher, Harmoni, Dylan, and Morgan. When our group was in there was a noise and the blades stopped spinning and everything turned off. It was very interesting to hear how the wind powered the turbines and generated electricity. After all the groups had went we went back in the bus and went to the Gaelic collage to see their solar panels and have our lunch.


On our school trip our class went see a wind turbine. It was quite cool with dials plus a lot more. Also we got to go inside the turbine. When we went in the door it looked very good and it looked like a big build. Mr Dean told us the turbine produced lots of electricity in kilowatts. That electrical energy is sent to the national grid for us to use. It had lots of stuff outside too like a satellite dish that sent all the information to Germany. They were lots of stuff in it and then…it stopped immediately. It stopped because it was going too fast. All other people in my class were inside too, we also did a few other things in our trip.


On Monday 15th January P4/5 went on a trip to the wind turbine up at Castle Hill. We went in groups of five to see inside of the wind turbines and George Dean was in there to and he was telling us about the turbines and about how it produces electricity. The wind turbine stopped spinning at one point when we were there and the kilowatts went to zero. But a few minuites later the speed of the turbine 3 million and something. The power of the wind makes the blades on the turbine turn which generates electrical energy. The satellite dish on the turbine sends all of information to the control system in Germany.

By Millie and Charlet Rose

On Monday 15th of January 2018 P4/5 went to the wind turbine on the High Road at Castlehill. We went inside the wind turbine, it was very noisy. Mr Dean showed us how fast the blades were going. It was going very fast for a small wind turbine. Mr Dean talked about wind turbines and how much it cost (the wind turbine cost 1.2 million) and how it works. He also talked about what you need: a crash helmet and a harness. We learned the satellite on the wind turbine sends the info and how much electric wind turbine to the company in Germany.

By Robyn and Phoenix.

The Wind Turbine

The wind turbine that we visited was up the high road at Castlehill. Mr Dean told us that the wind turbine was 63 meters tall, including the blades. We had to go up some stairs and hold onto the railing due to heavy wind. Mr Dean (the chairman of Islay Energy Trust) showed us inside the turbine and what everything does. We learned how many kilowatts and how much energy it’s producing. It also told the wind speed and how fast the blades were going. The electricity that is produced from the turbine is sent to the national grid and is then sent back to Islay.

by Harmoni & Orla

On Monday 15th we went to the Wind turbine at Castle hill. We learned that it takes 5 years to plan the turbine and 1 month to build and that it cost £1.2 million to build. It makes electricity when the blades spin round. We got to go inside and while we were inside we learned that the wind turbine dose one full circle and then it goes the other way so the cables don’t get tangled. If you’re trying to get up the ladder you have to wear a helmet and a harness incase you get hurt. There is a satellite dish that sends all the information to Germany.

Scott and Aiden

P4/5 Wind Turbines


Our class  have made wind turbines.  We made a wind turbine out of paper, pencil, sticks, string, pin tape ,string and scissors.

We stuck the pencil to the table and attached the string to the pencil. After that we put a hole in the middle of the blades. There is a cup you cut a two holes in it you put your string through the holes in the cup . Then you get a hairdryer and push the blades around.