What have p1/2 been learning about?

We have been learning about what the police do.  She told us that when people don’t listen to her she can spray their eyes with a nippy spray. We got to try out the handcuffs, hats and jacket and she even handcuffed Miss Bredin!


We have also been learning about what a vet does to look after pets. We learned that different animals need different sizes of injections. We also learned how they would bandage a dogs sore paw. We learned that sometimes vets have to use a muzzle so that the animals don’t bite them. We got to see how the vet finds a microchip in a pet if it is lost. We also got to see x-rays of a snake, a lizard and a hedgehog.


P2s have been learning about 3d shapes. We made them from cocktail sticks, little coloured sticks or lollysticks and playdoh. We found this a little bit challenging and had to use our problem solving skills to complete them. P1s made 2d shapes (triangles, squares and rectangles) from the same materials.



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