Primary 3/4 Enterprise

Primary 3/4 have been busy this week with Christmas Fair Enterprise.

Elyse – We were using persuasive language in our posters for the Christmas fair and creating a memorable jingle to encourage people to buy the hot chocolate we made.

Christopher – We were writing jingles and trying to use alliteration in them, we also had to make sure to mention the product as well.

Ciara – We had to measure 3 heaped spoonfuls of hot chocolate to make them all the same. Then we had to add 20 marshmallows before tying the bag closed.

Connor – At the decorating station we had to stick pom poms on with glue for the nose and then we stuck 2 googly eyes. Last we added 2 antlers using brown pipe cleaners.

Leivi- We designed logos for our company – The 3 Reindeers. The logo was made from 3 brown fingerprints, then we added a red, green and black nose on them with black pen for antler and eyes. One of then eyes was winking.

Nursery – Diwali

In nursery we have been learning about the festival of Diwali. We started by watching a power point presentation on our smartboard. The children asked to create a restaurant in our house corner. We looked at pictures using pinterest and decided to make an Indian restaurant following the theme of Diwali. The children selected their own pictures to use in our role play area. To extend their play adults provided rice to use in role play cooking. The children chose the colour they wanted to make the rice and had lots of fun squashing the rice and paint together in a food bag. The children have enjoyed using the rice in their role play cooking. (so has the floor)

We listened to the short story of Diwali and the children noticed the funny patterns (Rangoli pattern) during the story and wanted to make their own patterns. This was carried out in a variety of different ways including painting, smartboard and drawing.

The children have enjoyed the experience of learning about Diwali.


Learning in p1/2

In maths we have been making our own patterns from different shapes and colours.


In numeracy p2 have been counting on and back within 100 from different numbers and using this to help add numbers together. P1 have began thinking about adding numbers together using our knowledge of finger patterns.


In reading p2 have been learning all about non-fiction books. We have sorting fiction and non-fiction into groups using contents, index and glossary pages. P1 have been working hard to learn more sounds and begin blending these sounds together.


Over the last couple of weeks we have read 3 stories: I am bat, One Button Benny and Eric makes a splash. We have learned a little about bats and written our own stories about bats. We have learned a little more about water, ice and steam and compared the temperatures of these. We put ice cubes in the hot water and could see the water melting off the bottom of the ice cube. We have tried to make our own robots from boxes, blocks and junk. We also drew our own robot characters to write a story about this week. You will find out more about these stories and our learning around them at our assembly on the 21st.


In health, we have been exploring similarities and differences and have started learning about what Bullying really means. We will be continuing this over the next few weeks.


This week we have started practising for our nativity! We are working hard to learn all the songs and our narrators are very busy learning their lines. We are excited to continue our practises over the next few weeks.


In Primary 5/6/7 we have been learning about Scottish Inventors and what they invented and the impact each has had on Scotland and the rest of the world. It was interesting to find out that Scotland has produced so many inventors and showed us that  we could easily be Scottish inventors in the future.We also created a caricature about the inventors we researched in ID after watching a  video that showed us how to step by step. Some of us then thought that we could use this skill to become cartoonists or illustrators later in life.

In P.E we have been taking risk assessments on the bars in our gymnastics block. We have also been challenging ourselves to achieve new skills adding to our prior learning. We also enjoyed working on the different apparatus that was out in the hall. These skills could help us to follow in Mr Cox’s footsteps and become medal winning gymnasts.

During math the pentagons and squares have been learning quick and easy strategies for mental math and have been learning how to use B.O.M.D.A.S properly. The triangles have learned how to use a compass to draw circles and name different parts of the circles. They have also been learning how to multiply 3 digit numbers by 6 and 7. The rectangles have been working on writing, ordering, adding and subtracting decimals and relating their learning to money problems.

We did an outdoor literacy lesson which focused on our spelling. One group used chalks to write their words in different ways. The other group had to make their words using natural things found on the ground. We had the words with us to help but not many of us needed them.

We are still having futsal on a Friday morning, building up our skills to play more effectively in games. It is such a fun time as well as learning a new sporting skill.

In Health in the Hall we have been learning how to celebrate differences in each other, recognising that everyone is unique and must be respected. We got into groups and played team building games to help everyone feel respected and included. They were fun and we all got on really well.