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Learning in p1/2

We have had a very busy start to term 3. Here is a little of taste of the things we have been doing.

We have had lots of visitors into school over the last few weeks.

The Scottish SPCA came to visit and we learned about rabbits. We found out how to look after them, what they eat and what they drink. We also learned that rabbits feel safe when they are high up so that they are away from the foxes.

We also had a visitor who did a cooking demonstration. We learned about where our food comes from – ham comes from pigs and beef comes from cows. Some people helped make beef fajitas. We all got to taste them at the end. Some of us liked them but some of us didn’t.

Claire and Liz visited us with Tudor. They look after guide dog puppies before they go to puppy school at age one and then start working at age two. We learned that Tudor isn’t allowed to play with balls because if he was leading a blind person and a ball went rolling past he might chase it.

In Jigsaw time, p2s made jam sandwiches! We were learning about the steps we need to take to be successful and then followed them.

In maths, we have been doing lots of different activities to help us learn. P1s have been learning about the number stories for numbers to 10. We have been using giant playing cards, uno cards and numicon. P2s have been learning adding and taking away with big numbers. We broke the big sums into little sums. We subtracted the tens and ones separately.

P1s have been working on blending sounds together by reading small words and matching them to pictures.

P2s have been learning about adjectives – we used them to describe a picture.

Learning in p1/2

In maths we have been making our own patterns from different shapes and colours.


In numeracy p2 have been counting on and back within 100 from different numbers and using this to help add numbers together. P1 have began thinking about adding numbers together using our knowledge of finger patterns.


In reading p2 have been learning all about non-fiction books. We have sorting fiction and non-fiction into groups using contents, index and glossary pages. P1 have been working hard to learn more sounds and begin blending these sounds together.


Over the last couple of weeks we have read 3 stories: I am bat, One Button Benny and Eric makes a splash. We have learned a little about bats and written our own stories about bats. We have learned a little more about water, ice and steam and compared the temperatures of these. We put ice cubes in the hot water and could see the water melting off the bottom of the ice cube. We have tried to make our own robots from boxes, blocks and junk. We also drew our own robot characters to write a story about this week. You will find out more about these stories and our learning around them at our assembly on the 21st.


In health, we have been exploring similarities and differences and have started learning about what Bullying really means. We will be continuing this over the next few weeks.


This week we have started practising for our nativity! We are working hard to learn all the songs and our narrators are very busy learning their lines. We are excited to continue our practises over the next few weeks.

What have p1/2 been learning about?

We have been learning about what the police do.  She told us that when people don’t listen to her she can spray their eyes with a nippy spray. We got to try out the handcuffs, hats and jacket and she even handcuffed Miss Bredin!


We have also been learning about what a vet does to look after pets. We learned that different animals need different sizes of injections. We also learned how they would bandage a dogs sore paw. We learned that sometimes vets have to use a muzzle so that the animals don’t bite them. We got to see how the vet finds a microchip in a pet if it is lost. We also got to see x-rays of a snake, a lizard and a hedgehog.


P2s have been learning about 3d shapes. We made them from cocktail sticks, little coloured sticks or lollysticks and playdoh. We found this a little bit challenging and had to use our problem solving skills to complete them. P1s made 2d shapes (triangles, squares and rectangles) from the same materials.



Learning in p1/2

We have been very busy developing our class charter in the last couple of weeks and getting to know each other better. It is lovely to see some new friendships forming and others continuing from last year. Here is a little flavour of our recent learning.

In maths we have been outside looking for 2d shapes in the playground and taking pictures of them. We used the pictures to sort the shapes into categories and p2 pupils labelled the shapes using skitch.

In number work p1 have been focusing on forming numbers 1-6 and representing them in different ways. P2 have been learning about tens and ones and using this knowledge to help order numbers from the smallest to the biggest.

In spelling and phonics p1s have been learning their sounds and listening for them in words. P2 have been focusing on words with the ai and oa sound.

During discovery time in the nursery we have been using our motor skills to take apart a laptop and exploring the parts we have found. We have been using problem solving skills to make obstacle courses with loose parts outside (and inside). We have used non-fiction books to look at different people who help us and have created a giant police man, fire girl and fire engine to display in our classroom. In health we have been exploring similarities and differences and have used small loose parts to create a self portrait.

Learning in p1/2

This week we have been very busy settling back into life in school. We Have been learning lots!

In maths p2s have been learning all about tens and units. p1s have been doing lots of counting and number recognition within 10.

In writing, we wrote a postcard about our summer holidays.

On Thursday afternoon we used the nursery to enhance our learning through play. Some of us used problem solving skills to create a train track, we used a smartboard game to practise our maths skills and we were learning about keeping ourselves safe while using the construction bench.