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BBC Home Learning support

Hope you are all well.

If anyone is looking for some extra home learning ideas or fun to keep children entertained, busy and learning the BBC have launched lots of new home learning ideas and lessons to help.

There are daily lessons suggested on BBC Bitsize

There are also daily programmes on BBC iPlayer

BBC Scotland also has a wealth of learning resources and ideas tailored for Scotland.

Lastly BBC Scotland TV channel will also have programmes running each day from 10am.

For more information:

How Bitesize will support you while you’re learning from home


Primary 3/4

We have had a busy term so far.

We had a visit from Quality Meat Scotland, who spoke to us about Scottish beef, lamb and pork.

Elyse – Some of us helped make fajitas

Tivon – I helped make the guacamole for the beef fajitas.

Callum – Some of us helped cut the peppers and we used the bridge and claw techniques to help us.

Adam – The fajitas tasted scrumptious, I’ll give them 5*.


Design Technology

Findlay – For design technology we had a challenge to make balloon powered cars.

Tivon – If we keep using petrol or diesel cars it will cause carbon dioxide which will melt all the icebergs.

Leivi – It will cause global warming.

Elyse – Our cars had to travel at least one metre and we used a metre stick to measure this.

Callum – me and my partner’s car managed to travel four metres.

Leivi – me and my partner’s car did not move to begin with so we had to try an fix the problem by making changes to our design.


Findlay – We painted a sunset picture using red and yellow watercolours.

Leivi – We tried to make orange using red and yellow.

Ciara – We practiced how to draw wind turbines using paper, pens and pencils. When we had drawn them we found the perfect one and tried to copy them onto the sunset.


We used word blocks to make sentences.


Brag Tag Gallery

Tivon – If you have been successful and kind you receive a brag tag.

Callum – You only get brag tags when you’ve been caught doing something nice, kind or good. You can’t ask for a brag tag.

Leivi – You have to earn it!


Primary 3/4 Enterprise

Primary 3/4 have been busy this week with Christmas Fair Enterprise.

Elyse – We were using persuasive language in our posters for the Christmas fair and creating a memorable jingle to encourage people to buy the hot chocolate we made.

Christopher – We were writing jingles and trying to use alliteration in them, we also had to make sure to mention the product as well.

Ciara – We had to measure 3 heaped spoonfuls of hot chocolate to make them all the same. Then we had to add 20 marshmallows before tying the bag closed.

Connor – At the decorating station we had to stick pom poms on with glue for the nose and then we stuck 2 googly eyes. Last we added 2 antlers using brown pipe cleaners.

Leivi- We designed logos for our company – The 3 Reindeers. The logo was made from 3 brown fingerprints, then we added a red, green and black nose on them with black pen for antler and eyes. One of then eyes was winking.

P 3/4

We have been busy in Primary 3/4.

Maris: “Making our Monster Listening Posters”


Adam: “We learnt to listen like monsters using our mouths to listen, you be quiet and don’t say any weird noises.”

Oliver: “You can listen with your brain by thinking about what the person is saying.”

Leivi: “They listen with their hands by putting them on their lap and not fiddling with anything.”

Ciara: “They listen with their feet by crossing their legs and keeping their feet in”

Leah: “They listen with their eyes by looking at the person who is talking.”

Brodie: “Their heart, they care about what people are saying.”

Connor: “They face their body to the person who is talking.”


Brodie: “We have started using Sway to let parents no what we have been learning.”


Maris: ” We have been learning about not bullying other people and we went in pairs to create an anti-bullying poster and then coloured it in it to display in Westfield.”

Oliver: ” We have been learning about hygiene and germs.”

Maris: “To show we know what germs are we designed a germ each and we had to give the germ a name, where it lived, how it spreads, its symptoms and the treatment.”

P3/4 Superheroes

P3/4 have really busy since we have come back! We have been thinking about the qualities of superheroes and how we can be super classmates.

Leivi – We have been writing postcards.

Findlay – In Numeracy we have been practicing switchers and creating fact families.

Josh – We used ICT to create our own superheroes and made these into tray labels.

Maris – We were imagining we were superheroes and writing poems about ourselves using similies.

Callum – We were discussing what our “future self” might do as a job and recording this using Skitch or Comic Life.