We have been continuing to learn about the Jacobites, writing a biography about Bonnie Prince Charlie and a newspaper report on the Battle of Culloden. We had to write in the appropriate form and use adjectives. We had our VCOP pyramids to help us.

In math and numeracy the Pentagons and Squares  have been calculating the volume of solid shapes and the capacity a container can hold. This would be helpful if we wanted to be a pharmacist. The Rectangles have been working on measurements. This is a good skill to have for many jobs and accuracy is paramount. The triangles have been looking at different kinds of triangles, their names and properties. We have been continuing to do Number Talks and are finding the division ones tricky.

In art we did black line drawings on the battle of Culloden and drew a landscape picture of the battle scene, taking perspective and colours into account.

We have been learning how to play Futsal from a specialist coach on a Friday morning. It originated in Brasil and is mostly played on sand. The ball has to be on the ground most of the time and you can’t touch it with your hands. It is fun but exhausting. It is a game for practising skills. Here are some pictures of us having fun.

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