P1/2 and P6/7 mini topic week

P1/2 and some of P6/7 have been busy this week doing lots of collaborative activities based around the story book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

P6/7 quickly set to the task of writing a sequel to the original story using a similar format and characters. We have been preparing for our class assembly next week which Abby, Kian, Jowita, Wiktoria and Chloe will help us to present.

We created a healthy picnic for teddy and owl. – Maris

We changed the words of Teddy Bears picnic and made it about Owl and Baby Bear. – Leah

P6/7 wrote a new story called Baby Bears Adventures. – Stephen

We designed teddy a proper spacesuit. – Adam

We watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldron walking on the moon. – Oliver

We played a game called “Whatever Next” which was like What’s┬áthe time Mr Wolf. – Lewis

We are looking forward to sharing all our learning with you on Wednesday at our Assembly.


Today in P3/4/5 we went outside to do our maths.

The Rectangles were finding a fraction of a quantity and showing it using nature.

The Triangles were measuring out in the playground using trundle wheels.

The Circles were making patterns with nature.