Please donate old sunhats to the nursery

This week the children in nursery have been enjoying their increase in outside access, despite the mixed weather. We enjoyed learning in snow, rain, hail and sunshine!

We have plenty of waterproofs in the nursery to help the children enjoy learning outside in wet weather but we were less prepared for the sunshine! The nursery is asking for you to donate any small unwanted sunhats/baseball hats so we can protect little heads from the sun and enjoy outdoor learning in all weather.

Please enjoy our photo gallery showing some of the learning happening this past week in the nursery.

Learning in P6/7 this week

Alice – This week we had loads of fun! I enjoyed naming fractions in maths and playing rugby too. In P.E we also did javelin throwing and discus!

Matthew – This week in P.E we practiced for rugby which were doing the week after. My favourite part was playing rats & rabbits with partners.

Katie-This week we had rugby and the best part was when we played “try to take the tag.”

Chloe – We have been learning to simplify fractions in maths and also to how to work out equivalent fractions.

Abby – I liked learning how to work with fractions. We were simplifying them and then working out how to represent a fraction as a percentage.

Kai – In PE we learned how to throw a Javelin properly.  It should not be held too high and the javelin should be thrown at a 45 degree angle.

Donnie – In PE were practicing our discus throwing in Athletics using frisbees.

Ryan – P7 went to Kingsfield Golf club where  practiced our putting and long shots using putters, wedges and irons.

Wiktoria – I enjoyed meeting my buddy in the nursery and am looking forward to making them feel more comfortable about coming into Primary 1.

Jowita –  In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about a balanced diet and the Eatwell plate. We used out maths skills to work out the percentages of each food group that we should have in a meal.

Bobby –  We took part in rugby and learned how to dodge and side step from tackles. We also worked on increasing our speed in movement and response.


P3/4/5 week’s learning

At camp I learned how to make a stretcher, bridge and a swing with only wooden posts and rope we had to work together and it was really fun  in the hail – Lewis

At camp I learned how to ride a mountain bike with Dave our biking instructor, we cycled 6 miles -Ava

At P.E I learned how to hold and throw a javelin properly – Angus

At camp I learned how to do archery and in archery we played some games and one of those games was called the pizza game and what you had to do in the pizza game was first you had to get the  white witch was the base ,then you had to get the red witch was the sauce, then the blue witch was blue tuna, then the black witch was the black olives then finely the yellow witch was the cheese the round  that I played Ava won, it was really fun- Meah

At camp we all went to Annet House museum first we had a handling session, we got to hold alot of old things one was in a shape on a boat but it wasn’t anything you would use for a boat it was for it you had a pencil and you didn’t have and ink the in would be in the bottle. then we went outside and we got to see how they used barley to get milk around. then we went to the second floor and at the second floor was the ice room and there were stocks that you put your feet in and you couldn’t escape. after that we went to the third floor on the third floor were plants and where they kept there food there as well. After that we went to the fourth floor was the maze,a statue of Mary queen of Scots and a story line of what early Linlithgow looked like through late Linlithgow. First we went to the story line then we went to the maze and some of us got lost but it was still very fun- Tia

On the second day at camp everyone that went to camp got split into groups so in my group with Lewis,Meah,Ava,Dave and Cyrus went mountain biking first and we all played follow the leader including Ava because she couldn’t really ride a mountain bike but she got the hang of it.We also went out of Linlithgow while we were following the canal.-Melissa

At camp we were going swimming it was really fun my favourite part was at the start because I knew I had a lot of time remaining-Toby

At camp my favourite part was swimming and we were playing with a ball in the pool but we had a long walk to get there and back. – Cyrus


At camp we went to Beecraigs when we were building a bridge over a pond which was a’lot of fun.-Kieran

At camp we went to archery it was so much fun and  I got a bulls eye Amber

At camp we were split in to two groups on Tuesday I was in a group with Angus,Amber and Tia first we went to do archery when the other group was going biking when we switched we went to biking the other group said they had the best time ever but they did’t go to BeeCraigs because it was wet but when we where going it was dry so Steve said we could go so we did when we got there we had practice and then we started to go as we went we came across a bridge and Angus wasn’t that sure off it and he was quite wobbly and of course he fell of the bridge into the water and the bike fell on him 2 minutes later Angus had settled down and we started going again an Angus was so quick he went right past me and i fell of my bike right into the brambles we cycled on and we came across the park and we got to play for 15 minutes and then we cycled on after then we stoppped and we looked for tadpoles and then we went back and told the story to the other group-Alex


Our week in p1/2

In maths we have been learning. We have been counting money and working out how much change we would get. We have set up a cafe area in our classroom so we can practise our money learning through play.

Some of us have been using racing cars to help us blend sounds together. We said the 3 sounds on their own and blended them together as we drove the car along.

In writing, some of use were using of senses to write a Spring poem. We had to describe what we could see, hear, smell, feel and taste in Spring.

We have started our new topic, Space. We have thought about what we already now and what we want to learn and are excited to get started properly!

This week we have been drawing and painting a picture of pirates and mermaids to enter a competition run by the National Gallery in Edinburgh.

In health we have started learning about the World of Work. We came up with a list of jobs and worked with a partner to draw one of these jobs. If anyone is willing to come in and speak to us about their job please let us know – we would be interested to find out more about the skills needed for work.


By Elyse, Erin, Ciara and Connor.

Advice regarding use of and streaming apps

Following on from a number of incidents involving children from across the UK, we would like to raise awareness of the above apps and share the following information with parents:
1.       The terms and conditions state all users must be at least 13 years of age.
2.       Users may be exposed to adult content such as swearing, graphic content and pornography.
3.       Live streaming is not fully private even when privacy settings are set to on.
4.       Users are able to search for other users close to their location.
For further information about potential risks to children please visit the following pages: