Looking after a baby (P2B)

This week we started our ‘Relationships’ trail in P2. We will be learning about the tasks required to look after a baby, talking about how the type of food we need changes as we grow and exploring food chains. To begin our ‘Relationships’ focus, we looked at the tasks involved in looking after a baby. We thought about our own personal experiences and discussed if we had helped to look after a baby before and what we did to help. Afterwards, we learned about the tasks required when looking after a baby and we drew pictures of things a baby needs and things a baby doesn’t need.

In writing we created instructions on how to look after a baby! On Tuesday, we drew four different pictures of tasks involved in looking after a baby to help us to plan our writing. On Wednesday, we looked at creating a list of equipment needed and we learned how to use bullet points to list our ideas. Our challenge was to explain why each item was needed in our instructions. We created fantastic instructions which were clear and we used bullet points to list each item and step.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning to make money amounts using different coins. We had to tick the coins we needed to make different money amounts and we had to lay out and list the coins to make totals to 20p. Some of us also learned to make money amounts to £1. We played ‘Show Me the Money’ on Education City and ‘Toy Shop Money Game’ on Topmarks to revise our learning. On Thursday, we learned to calculate time durations in hours. Using digital clocks, we learned to find times one hour before with o’clock and half past times. In Number Talks, we have been using the strategies ‘Doubles’ and ‘Near Doubles’ to solve different number sentences.

This week we learned the ‘u-e’ sound. We made ‘u-e’ words on our magnetic boards and we used our blending skills to spot which words were real ‘u-e’ words and which words were nonsense words. Some of us were also revising our common words. We played a common words Snakes and Ladders game and we played Bingo to help us to identify our common words.

This week we have been continuing to explore non-fiction texts. We discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction and we looked at the contents page, glossary and index. There were also different diagrams which helped us to find information. One of our non-fiction books was about the solar system so we used it alongside EaRL to name and locate each planet.

This week we have been continuing to use EaRL during play to create programs and to learn to correct errors/bugs. We have also been exploring simple electrical components. Some of us have also been busy creating images and models using different materials. There is always so much going on in P2B!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a happy and healthy weekend,

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx