A Magic Train Ride in P1B

This week we went on a magic train ride to lots of imaginary lands! We drew pictures of what we could see out of our train window and then we wrote about our adventure. We did this independently so that Mrs Bell could see how we are getting on with sounding out words and writing in sentences. Mrs Bell was so impressed!

Here’s a link to the Magic Train Ride story:

In Numeracy and Maths we worked on finding the difference and giving change using subtraction to help us. For example, if I pay for an item that is 7p with a 10p coin, I can do a subtraction sum to find out the change: 10p-7p = 3p

Here are links to some games to practise giving change:



Next week we will be revising the digraphs we have learned so far and continuing to work on finding the difference.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x