Primary 5/6 Week – beginning 9th March

Following P5’s obstacle courses last week the class were organised into groups and created their own mazes with building bricks. Using these mazes their task was to code the Sphero’s through from start to finish. They did a great job and every group managed to complete the challenge! Next week we hope to complete the Chariot Challenge!

P5/6 have been loving their digital literacy and this week we focused on creating a Microsoft Team for our class. This is a super learning tool that we can use when completing homework tasks and working collaboratively in class.

In Numeracy this week we started learning about Fractions. We have explored the meaning of the numerator and denominator while beginning to identify equivalent fractions. The class will investigate this further next week.

We are continuing to learn about the Scottish Wars of Independence and this week we were learning about Robert the Bruce and his journey to becoming the King of Scotland.

While the P6’s were enjoying their after show treat the P5’s had fun trying to replicate some Celtic art. We discussed the intricate patterns that can be seen and how we could create our own. It was a challenge!

Have a nice weekend everyone

Primary 5/6