Happy Halloween from P2

This week P2 have been busy making bonds to 10 using the whole-part model and bar model. In literacy, the children have been learning the spelling pattern for oi and a-e words, along with the common words make, what and wash. The children all agree that their highlight of the week was dressing up for a spooky morning of fun!






P1 Weekly Learning Reflection W/E 29th October 2021

Good afternoon. P1 have been very busy this week. In Literacy we have learned the sounds ‘l’ and ‘h’ and the red word so. We made lambs, played roll and read, practised our letter formation with playdough and sorted objects beginning with these sounds.

In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes and 3D objects. We have explored the properties of these shapes and why they are 2D or 3D. We sorted 3D objects into different categories such as will stack or will roll, played I spy the 3D object, created 2D shape pictures and played Shape Monsters on the computers.

P1 thoroughly enjoyed our Halloween fun day on Friday. We made 2D witches, did a skeleton dance, tried to pin a spider on a web and lots more. Here are a few of the children’s highlights:

“I enjoyed painting a house.”

“It was fun dressing up as Cinderella.”

“I enjoyed dressing up as a witch.”

“I liked playing with the cars on the floor.”

“I enjoyed dressing up and playing Scratch with our buddies.”

“My highlight was seeing our buddies and playing a game with them yesterday.”

“I had so much fun on Halloween day like drawing the witch and colouring it and dancing.”

“I liked cutting out the shapes on Halloween.”

“I enjoyed making a birthday card and the monster dancing.”

“I liked seeing all the costumes.”

“I Enjoyed the Lego and making rockets.”

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Maclachlan

P2 Learning Reflection for W/E 22.10.21


A short but busy week in P2. We have been revising the ea/ee sounds and learning about the common words: all, call and I’ve. In numeracy P2 are exploring number bonds to 10, skip counting in 2’s. Our number talk focus is doubles and near doubles on the rekenrek. There has been lots of activity at our woodwork bench this week. The children have been busy making string art using wood, nails and thread.

Willow – we have been skip counting in 2’s!

Oliver – We were thinking of ways to make 9. 6 and 3 make 9!

Sebastian – I can skip count in 2’s to 20!

Caleb – We made a sleigh with 3 reindeers with horns. The sleigh has a big bit that presents can go in!

Jack – People kept knocking the reindeer down by accident. Ms King moved the table to make more space!

Thea – I enjoyed making a heart with wood. I hammered the nails in a love heart shape. I wrapped string around the nails. I had to pull the string tight.

Josh – We had to rebuild the whole reindeer. We made Rudolph bigger so he won’t fall over.

Rhy-Lee – We learned about number bonds. Two numbers go together to make a number. We made bonds for 9. 8+1, 7+2 and 9+0 make 9!

Ella – We learned the ea sound. Tea, meat and eat have the ea sound!

Kyra – I liked free play. I was in the house corner we played mums and dads!

Louis – I enjoyed playing in the house corner. We are playing family. We make food for people. I like to make soup!

Elyas – I enjoyed doing number talks. We were doing doubles and near doubles on the rekenrek. A double is like 4 and 4 and a near double is like 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. You can make it double 2 +1 or double 3-1!

Alexander – I enjoyed free play. I was playing in the house corner. We were cooking stuff!

Nathan – I enjoyed playing. I was playing with my model. I made a big rocket, it is going to space. I am going to jump so high up!

Olivia – I am making a love heart. I needed to get nails and hammer them into the wood in the shape of a heart. It was difficult to hammer the nails cause they kept falling out. It worked if I hammered them in a bit harder!

Georgia – I am making a heart at the workbench. We need wood and we had to draw a heart on the wood. Then we had to put the nails in with a hammer.

Grace – I enjoyed painting this week. I was painting a type of big monster for Halloween. The monster has fur all over it!

P2/1 Weekly Reflection

What a great way to end the term, today we enjoyed Digi Day. To kick us off we watched Hector’s World and discussed why we should not share our personal details online then we had lots of fun playing with digital resources including a robot that follows a pen line, the Beebots and a remote controlled duplo vehicle. We also had a chance at some athletics on the Wii.

This week in writing we have been focusing on descriptions about our family members. Minny and Dexter really enjoyed writing about their wee sisters. We were trying hard to remember our capital letters and full stops.

In phonics the Primary 2 have now revised all of their RWI set 2 sounds and are ready to move on to set 3 after the holidays. The common words we have focused on this term are I, the, of, me, they, want, like, her, she, we, some, put, water, these and to, it would be great if you could practise these at home too.  Our new sounds in Primary 1 this week were and b, so we have now covered m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u and the common words we have learnt are I, me, the, of, my, said, he and no. 

In numeracy this week we were continuing our learning of part-whole models and we began to think about the addition symbol and used this to make some number sentences. We also learned about fact families and how by using 3 numbers we can create 4 different number sentences.

In our transport themed play we were making comparisons between types of transport from the past and present. Mrs Clyne asked us if we could travel by any method of transport what would we choose and why, here’s what some of us said:-

“A black jet because you go high up and see lots of things” JB

“An areoplane coz I can see the air and the sky too and I want to go on holiday.” EW

“A bus because I’ve never been on a bus before.” DA

“I want to go on a campervan because you can take marshmallows and sleep at night.” KH

“I want to go on Easyjet so I can go to Spain again.” KG

“An aeroplane because I want to go to Africa to see wild animals.” HC

We have settled in well to Primary 2/1 and have worked hard this term. Now it’s time to have a rest and enjoy some family time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and carers for their support in the children’s learning, it is much appreciated.

We wish you all a safe and healthy holiday and look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Tuesday 19th October.

Miss Whigham and Mrs Clyne


P2/1 Weekly Reflection 1/10/21

What a super week celebrating the school’s 20th anniversary.  We’ve painted some mugs, decorated cupacakes and played some party games. Then we enjoyed the whole school celebration in the playground on Thursday afternoon and it was lovely to welcome Mrs Audrey Ford back to our school, she was the very first headteacher. Mrs Ford made a speech and cut a cake then we listened to some bagpipes and drums before having a wee dance. We then enjoyed our cakes and juice while watching Topsy and Tim’s Birthday party, if you’d like to watch it again with your child click here.

In phonics this week P1 children were learning the sounds c and k and really impressed Mrs Clyne with their word building skills on the magnetic boards. P2 children were revising the sounds or and air and thought of some great sentences with the words we, some and put. Some of the children even managed to make our common words out of lego bricks!

In numeracy we have begun to think about ‘whole’ and ‘part’ and used the number 12 to see how many different ways we could make 12 using two parts, for example, 10 and 2, 8 and 4, 6 and 6.  Theo was very good at explaining whole and part when he told us “a whole pizza is all of it and a part is just a bit of  it”. We also used a rekenrek to help us explain our thinking when counting on during our Number Talks sessions.

This week we have continued learning about transport by considering the different types of transport which help us move around. We sorted different types according to those that are found in the air, on land and in the water. We also started to think about Harvest when we watched a live lesson called Harvest Rainbow Adventure. We went on a journey around the countryside to collect different coloured salad ingredients, learned about the people who grow the ingredients and thought about what plants need to grow. Perhaps we could start growing our own plants? If you’d like to watch the Harvest Rainbow Adventure again at home, click here.



P2 Learning Highlights for W/E 1.10.21

P2 really enjoyed taking part in the  LVPS 20th birthday celebrations this week. Please see below for the children’s highlight of the week comments!

Olivia – I liked playing with the big blocks. We made a marble run. We stacked the blocks then we got a marble and it rolled down it!

Lily – Making the cupcakes. We got frosting!

Alexander – I enjoyed Free Writing Friday. I wrote about the gym and football. I scored four goals. I am good at football.

Ella – My highlight was the schools birthday. I liked dancing to the music.

Oliver – My highlight was painting a house. I painted furniture and the windows are blacked out cause we are watching a movie.

Rhy-Lee – My highlight was eating the cake. I liked decorating it. I decorated a pink love heart. It was delicious!

Jack – My highlight was Free Writing Friday. I wrote about what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a builder. Builders need problem-solving skills.

Willow – My highlight of the week was painting. I have been doing love hearts and crosses!

Caleb – My highlight was free play. I made a zombie with duplo. It was really tall!

Grace – My highlight was listening to the bagpipes. The children came from high school and played drums and bagpipes. We were celebrating the school’s birthday.

Elyas – Playing with the lego. I made a castle. It has colourful blocks and it has stairs.

Arianna – My highlight was when we were doing the cupcakes. I made pink dots and orange dots all around the cupcake.

Josh – My highlight was decorating the cupcake with icing. I done orange around the yellow.

Thea – My highlight of the week was doing free play. I was playing in the kitchen and painting.

Louis – I enjoyed free writing Friday. I was writing that I want to be a doctor when I am big.

Kyra – I liked decorating a cupcake. I put the number 20 and put lots of flowers, hearts and zigzags. We decorated them because it was the schools anniversary.

Sebastian – I liked decorating the mugs. We got mug designing pens. When you cook the mug we get to bring them home. I did a bunch of smiley faces and a love heart with LVPS inside. We did it for the schools birthday!

Nathan – I like building with duplo. I build lots of big strong things.