P2/1 Weekly Reflection 24.09.21

It was a quick week in school last week but we still managed to fit in lots of learning.

In our phonics P2 children were practising their ai, ee, igh, ow, oo sounds during some Bingo games and also the common words the, she, her, want, like, I and am. P1 children were learning o sound and helped Mrs Clyne to draw some pictures of things that started with o for our sound wall. P1 were also practising their letter formation by telling Ted how to write the sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g and o.

In numeracy we have been learning about the number sequence to 20 and consolidating our understanding of number before and number after. The children enjoyed a treasure hunt to find all the hidden numbers in the classroom and then put these in order.

Our learning this week has taken on a transport theme and children particularly enjoyed the new Fire Station and adding the different vehicles to their block play.

In PE we were practising our listening skills during a game called Red Light, Green Light. We were also developing our balancing skills by trying to keep a bean bag balanced on different parts of our body while standing still and while moving slowly around the room.

On Friday we joined in with the World’s Biggest Coffee morning and coloured in some mugs and cupcakes for the colouring competition. Mrs Clyne was impressed by how colourful and neat our designs were. Thank you for your donations towards this worthwhile cause.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

P1 Weekly Learning Reflection Week Ending 24/9/21

Good Afternoon

P1 have had a very busy but short week. In Literacy we learned the sound ‘o’ and practised the tricky word said. We made an octopus using Cheerios, taught ted how to write ‘o’ and played I Spy. I n Numeracy we have continued to explore one more than and one less than. We made towers with Lego to show our number, one more/one less than our number, used seeds to count out one more than/less than our flashcard and played the more than/less than frog game. With Mrs Clyne on Wednesday afternoon we learned about seed dispersal and made our own paper sycamore helicopters. We had great fun flying them at the park. In P.E this week we working on our hand eye coordination by throwing and catching small balls. We also played duck. duck goose. On Friday morning we got to design our own mug and cupcake during our MacMillan coffee morning. Here are  the children’s highlights from the week:

Finlay – “I have enjoyed playing in the garden centre and doing the Spiderman jigsaw.”

Angus – “I like playing in the garden centre and I enjoyed making our helicopters with Mrs Clyne.”

Mitchell –“My highlight is everything we have done this week.”

Ayaat –“I enjoyed everything.”

Lyla – “I liked designing my own cupcake.”

Aaron – “The best bit was designing my cupcake and mug.”

Matthew –“I enjoyed flying my helicopter.”

Emily –“I enjoyed playing and adding in things to our garden centre like making flowers.”

Jessica – “I enjoyed everything.”

Ishanvi – “I liked designing my own cupcake.”

Gracie –“I enjoyed designing my cup and cupcake.”

Emma – “I liked designing my cupcake and mug and eating a cupcake.”

Orlaith – “It was fun getting to design a cupcake and a mug.”

Leo- “It was fun flying our helicopters.”

David –“I liked learning ‘o’ sound and making an octopus.”

Have a good weekend.

Miss Maclachlan

P2/1 Reflection 17.09.21

Well what a busy week we’ve had!

Primary 1 children have been learning the sounds p and g and impressing Mrs Clyne with their word building skills when using the magnetic boards. We now know the sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p and g, why don’t you try making some words at home with these letters. Primary 2 children have been revising set two sounds with a focus on oo and ar. They have also been practising the common words I, the, of, me, they, want, like, her and she by telling Ted a sentence containing each of the words.

In Numeracy we have been learning about the number sequence to 20 and thinking about the number before and after a given number. We have been learning ordinal numbers from first to tenth and we had fun singing the Days of the Week song to begin thinking about the order of the days. If you would like to have a sing along at home, click here.

On Thursday we had a birthday themed afternoon where we practised our counting skills and developed our fine motor skills by making playdough cupcakes, wrapping presents, exploring texture with jelly and ice-cream (cotton wool balls) and making birthday cards. We also considered the adventures of Curly the Caterpillar who had escaped from the cake box!

For Science we listened to the story A New Calf Arrives during a googlemeet with The Royal Highland Education Trust. This was really interesting and the lady even answered some of our own children’s questions live during the call.

We would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend and look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday 22nd September.

Take care,

Miss Whigham & Mrs Clyne

P4 Learning 17.9.21

This week we have been learning about:

We have been comparing numbers as more than and less than. We have begun a block of practice on adding and subtracting and we have been learning about fact families.

It was Roald Dahl Day on Monday, we did describtive writing and learned how to be a better writer.

We have upgraded our library/reading corner – it’s great.






We have been learning about sportsmanship in PE and improving our fitness.

On Friday we tasted some French beans from the garden…

“They taste like leaves!”     “I didn’t like them.”   “Mmm They were nice!”

Please note: Our Home Learning sheet (see below) was given out to be returned by 5th Oct.

P4 home Learning Sept-Oct 2021


Week ending 17th September

Another great week for P5. We have really pushed on with maths and our LVPS 20th birthday project. We welcomed back Madame Moore on Thursday and she taught us some words and phrases we could use to talk about ourselves.

I hope everyone has a great, refreshing holiday over the weekend and I can’t wait to hear all about it on Wednesday when we all return.

Here are some reflections from P5 pupils this week:

Zach – I liked the fitness stations in PE because we have to challenge ourselves to see if you can do more every time.

Holly – I enjoyed doing French with Mme Moore because I liked reading the information to work out who the twins were.

Jaxon – I like the CLIC maths because I like maths and you can get to higher levels that get harder the further you go.

Anya – I like doing free writing because I like sharing my writing with other people.

Calum – I liked doing the PE on Thursday because it was a good team game and the rules were fair.

Sophia – I like ERIC because I really love reading.

Arya – I liked rounding numbers to 100000 because at the start it was hard and now I’m good at it.

Emma – I liked doing the handball in PE because it was fun.

Safia – I liked the book about the genie.

John – I liked rounding numbers to 10000 because it helps you with counting and place value.

Cali – I liked doing the Hit the Button maths because there was different levels and it tells you your score so you know if you are getting better.

Nathan – I liked reading How to Train Your Dragon because I haven’t read it or watched the film before.

James – I liked doing the dribbling in handball.

Maddie – I like ERIC time because I learn new words and get inspiration for Free Writing Friday.

Caleb – I  like ERIC time because I like the Tom Gates books.


P1 Weekly Learning Reflection Week Ending 17/9/21

Good Afternoon. P1 have settled in well to school. This week we have been learning the sounds ‘p’ and ‘g’ and the common word ‘said’. We have played games, made a parrot and a giraffe and taught ted how to write the sounds. In Numeracy we learned all about the number 10 – how to make it, what it looks likes and the different ways to make 10. We have also been learning about one more than and one less than. During our Outdoor learning we have been talking about seeds and planting them this led us to change our house corner into a garden centre. We are loving playing in it and selling seeds and flowers. On Thursday afternoon we spent time with our P7 buddies hunting for flowers with numbers on them to 20. We then created a big numberline. Here are  the children’s highlights of the week:

Finlay – “I enjoyed making a birthday cake out of bricks for the school. I liked making our garden centre.”

Aaron –“I enjoyed making a giraffe and meeting my buddies.”

Emily – “I liked counting with my buddy and ordering the flowers.”

Emma –“It was fun making our garden centre”

Matthew –“I liked seeing my buddies in the garden.”

Lyla – “I loved seeing my buddy.”

Leo – “I enjoyed making a birthday cake and card.”

Isha – “I liked making a card copying writing and balloons.”

Angus –“I enjoyed P.E and making a birthday card for the school.”

Jessica –“I enjoy playing games at P.E “

Gracie – “I enjoyed playing tig during P.E and spending time with my P7 buddy looking for and ordering numbers.”

Orla – “I enjoyed hunting the numbers in the garden with my buddies.”

Mitchell – “I liked making the garden centre.”

Mia – “I enjoyed helping set up our garden centre.”

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Maclachlan

P3 Home Learning and Learning This Week

Good afternoon,

I have uploaded an electronic copy of this term’s home learning grid onto Seesaw and I will attach a copy on to this post as well. A paper copy will be given to the learners next Wednesday when we return from the long weekend.

P3 Term 1 Home Learning

This week’s learning:

On Monday to celebrate Roald Dahl Day we had an exciting day of Numeracy, Science and Outdoor Learning. We read an extract from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and created potions from items collected in a jar during outdoor learning and added water, food colouring and essence.  From ‘The BFG’, we made dream jars with water, oil, glitter and an effervescent tablet to make the mixture move around the jars. Inspired by ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, we did the skittles experiment using varied types of skittles. We used the skill of prediction, observation and variables for future experiments.

Numeracy – This week we were finishing our focus on place value, we answered worded questions on addition and subtraction and we were looking at skip counting in 2’s.

In Maths, we were looking at quarter past and quarter to and the digital times for these as well.

Literacy – In handwriting this week we had a re-focus on b and d as this is often reversed. In writing we wrote a procedure piece of writing about our potions that we made in outdoor learning on Monday.

In HWB, we painted our own dream jars from ‘The BFG’ and wrote our dreams and aspirations for the future in the jars.

In IDL, we have been working on our group projects for our 20 year task this week and are starting to finish off our models.

In PE, we have been working on ball skills. Investigating and discussing the similarities and differences of various balls. Dribbling in different ways and learning various passing skills (bounce pass, over arm and under arm).

In RME, we looked at our local church and discussed what it looks like and what it might be used for.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, and I will see P3 on Wednesday.

Mrs Love

Learning Reflection for W/E 17/09/21

This week in P2 we have been revising words with the ‘oo’ and ‘ar’ sounds. Our common sight words were: like, her, said.

The class enjoyed ‘Talking for Writing’ to describe, The New Boy and The Witches. They followed the structure of descriptive writing to give their talking text a title, introduction, characteristics and an evaluation. They all worked well together to work out their parts and to build their characters descriptions.

For numeracy P2 have been using number lines and continuing with greater than and smaller than. The children have been skip counting in 10’s and 2’s. The Number Talks focus this week has been sharing strategies to solve number sentences.

Highlight of the Week

Sebastian – I played with the engineering set I was building a fishing rod.

Celeb – I enjoyed working with the wood. I was getting screws in. I used a screwdriver and a hammer. I managed to get one and a quarter in. You have to twist the screwdriver around.

Louis – I enjoyed playing in the garden. I was playing dinosaurs with Alexander, Sebastian and Grace.

Jack – I enjoyed playing in the garden. I was playing tig. We were hiding in the bush to make sure it was our den and nobody claimed it!

Alexander – I enjoyed PE. We were playing with the parachute.

Ella – I was playing in the house corner. I was selling food.

Willow – I like reading.

Lily – I liked painting flowers.

Nathan – I made a witch with a bald head and some arms. My witch has no toes and no shoes.

Kyra – I liked reading Sam Sit. Sam didn’t sit on the magic carpet he almost fell in the river. If I had a magic carpet I would go to Disney Land!

Olivia – I enjoyed painting. We were mixing lots of different colours to see what colours we made. When we mixed the blue and red it made purple. Yellow and red made orange and yellow and blue made green.  Red and white made pink!

Thea – I painted nice flowers and nice love hearts.

Oliver – I liked playing at the bench area. Me and Jack found out two pieces connected with a screw.

Josh – we were having races at playtime. Caleb was the referee; he was the one who says who wins!

Georgia – For free play, I was painting. I was painting flowers with a smiley face.